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What are YOU sick of?

15 years 7 months ago #11008 by PremedRN
I figured I would start this topic to let us vent, and out of that maybe get some laughs outta how truthful some of the things were are sick of are. So here what Im sick of:

Have you noticed how some people try to get you to take responsibility for things you shouldnt? I have, and you have to become more aware of these manipulators....you may even find yourself doing THEIR work, co-worker or not. Let me give you a few examples:

example 1:
I am sick of doctors ordering say a "venous doppler tonight" and it is 9pm and having that departments employees call me asking me "Is he sure he wants it tonight, we have to call people in..."----Ummmm, didnt he write for tonight? Other person, "Yeah, but he may not know we need to call somebody in.." Me thinking to myself, "I hope the H-E- double "L" he would know after being a doctor for 10yrs". The other person, "Why dont you give hime a call and double check?" Me, "How about NO! Sounds to me like YOU are the one with the question not me, the order is specifically written for tonight, I have no question!!!!" I cannot tell you how many times this has happened. I will not stand for it. I will not accept a responsibility I have nothing to do with, thankyou!

example 2:
I had finally noticed on my bills from "The Medical Group" that they were tacking on less price adjustments that Im not responsible for, it had went on for like 2 yrs. Can you believe the representative from the billing department tried to get me to call my insurance company for them to be provided with all those EOBs for those 2 yrs and bring them in?---huh? Dont you guys get copies of the EOBs just like me. The answer is YES. I felt like you are the ones who goofed, you have all the billing stuff, YOU get PAID to handles stuff like this, NOT ME. I spoke to that reps manager, I was uphauled and the manager said I didnt have to do a thing but wait for them to pull the files and that it would take minimally 2 weeks. Ends up they owed me 1000 bucks. But can you believe that girl was trying to push off her responsibility on me, the patient and mom of the patients? Not me, jack.

example 3:
My son was having major mood swings from a med his psych put him on, she told me at the appt that if he wasnt doing well on the medicine to page her and she would just switch it. I called the office since it was during the day and told the receiptionist, I needed to speak with Dr. so and so to switch the meds, she said, "Do you just want to bring him in?" Ummmm....NO! I dont need to bring him in for this, alls I need is to let the psych know he's having mood swings on this new med, so she can switch it, which does not necessitate a office visit. This lady then said, "Well, I will have to go 2 floors down to grab his file....." So get you a$$ up and get it!! I am not gonna drag my kids out, a 20 minute trip there and back, to accomodate your not wanting to get his files 2 floors down, this is what you get paid for!!! If I was an unknowing parent I probably would have brought him in thinking maybe there was a good reason he should be taken in.

Just recognize when you are trying to be manipulated girls!!

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15 years 7 months ago #11009 by Amatallahk
What makes me sick is Professors that get paid to teach you but don't teach you. Instead you are stuck teaching yourself the material. I respect all of the hardwork that goes into getting a Phd but some people with Phd's know so much about a topic in the practical sense that they can't teach the theory.

Oh, PremedRN...don't be mad at me but regarding #2, when a hospital or doctor bills your insurance they are only doing it as a courtesy. Really, it is the members responsibility to do the leg work but insurance companies will never tell you that. Really the patient should be following up with the carrier to ensure that payment is made timely, making sure that the doc/hospital is in network and that the insurance company covers the procedure, etc this list goes on and on. Since all of this leg work is tedious, it is a custom for hospitals and doctors to hire billing staff to expedite their payment because they realize that the average patient is not going to do all of that.
Most of the time, patient's sign an assignment of benefits giving the insurance carrier the right to release payment directly to the doc/facility but even with that you have to remember that the main realtionship with the insurance company is with the member/policy holder not the hospital/doc. Don't get me wrong, Hopsitals/Doctors have contractual relationships with insurance carriers but on a different level like they are surrounded by issues like, "how much they are going to get paid for procedures/services", "Who is capitated to their office/site", how long do they have to bill, what they can and can't bill for etc. And too things vary because there are slightly different rules with Medicaid and Medicare patients. Sorry to get off of the subject of the main post

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15 years 7 months ago #11010 by PremedRN
amatallahk (sorry if I misspelled it),

NO Im not mad atcha. I just feel that had they not overcharged in the first place, it would have never have happened, had I been married during that whole billing cycle for those 2 yrs, I would have caught it sooner on the EOB it specifically states "Memeber not responisble for less-price adjustments." It was their mistake not mine, his or ours, so I expect them to fix it.

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15 years 7 months ago #11011 by Amatallahk
Oh...I see where you are coming from now....I just wanted to add my little 2 cents because patients often come to the hospital cursing the staff out about everything. I mean some patients act like the hospital purchased their insurance coverage and made the insurance guidelines. For example, one day I was working in admissions (helping them out because I know how to register patients) and this man had the audacity to speak to me like he was my father or something. I don't even know if I should say father because my dad doesn't even speak to me like that. Well he didn't get a referral for his dexascan which is not my fault. That is his fault. Being nice, I told him that I would give his PCP a call and see if they could fax one over. He said, "My insurance company will cover the procedure don't worry about the referral just let me go upstairs". I then explained to him that it doesn't work like that and I called his PCP and they said they would fax it in 15 minutes. Okay so like 10 minutes passed and I was registering someone else while I was waiting for the fax. How about the man barged into the cubicle while I was with another patient (Okay he violated HIPPA laws like to the 10th Power) and said, "Where is my ^%@# referral, I've been waiting for 20 minutes and this is an outrage, I will never come here again, yous people are all backwards, you get your butt on the phone right now and get my referral". Can you believe that crap? That man was a mess. I got his referral for him out of being polite but he really was a piece of work. I mean really...

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15 years 7 months ago #11012 by Button
I'm sorry this sounds really mean but I'm sick of...

"Doctor give me a pill for weight loss. Nothing works for me. I've already tried exercise and dieting (for a couple of days)--none of that works for me ---I just need a pill. Its not my diet ---I only eat at McDonalds three times a week. You need to check my thyroid again because this is all about my metabolism. I know I have a problem with obesity, hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol but I can't exercise because my knees and back hurt so thats not an option. Just give me another pill. Oh and I need to go on disability because my back hurts. And I'm mad at the orthopedic surgeon for telling me I need to lose weight and exercise daily --- so I want you to send me to another surgeon. Oh and I want you to order an electric wheelchair for me so I can spend more time at the mall. Have you finished my disability forms yet?"

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15 years 7 months ago #11013 by CaliMD
...regarding the posts written by Button and drheidi: "if you don't comply with the above requests/demands, then I'm going to report you to the insurance company and get a lawyer and sue you!" Have either of you ladies ever heard that one?!! :boggled:

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