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What are YOU sick of?

15 years 5 months ago #11044 by EKM
When I was shadowing my doc, he had a patient come in off of welfare who claimed to be "disabled." I asked him where he used to work at and it was the same place I used to work at(the academy for juvenile delinquents). He claimed he was injured on the job. I asked him how long ago he worked there and he was like, 3 YEARS! Ugh. Come on now people. Some people need to just get off their :censored: and get a job. I was going to school full time, single Mommy, Working AND shadowing a doc on the side. Give me a break. This guy was a drug seeker who claimed he didn't take "Oxycotin." Then later, as he was so drugged out anyway and didn't even know what the heck he was saying, admitted he took "oxycodene." He claimed he didn't think they were the same. (Maybe they aren't, heck, I'm no doc.)
Anyway the look on the doc's face was priceless. I thought he was going to roll over laughing. He later told me in his office that he perscribed him something to counteract the painkills he was on and hopefully help him. The guy just thought he was getting another pain pill.
I am just not a very understanding person sometimes. Maybe I strongly need to work on that. But I am too tempted to tell people to get a dang job or better yourself through school or something!!! It is ridiculous.
People who abuse the system piss me off.

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15 years 5 months ago #11045 by drdiane2b
people who don't speak english except for 2 phrases:

1. no english
2. i have medicaid

enough said.

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15 years 5 months ago #11046 by EKM
LOL that is so true!

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15 years 5 months ago #11047 by merri
LOOOVE this thread!

1. I'm sick of teeny bopper premeds telling me how they're soooo glad that they will get out of residency just in time to have their perfect children and can't wait to be a doctor / soccer mom. Please have the sense to realize that it's rude to gloat in front of a woman whose clock is ticking and is not even applying til next year.... RUDE.

2. I'm sick of being torn between my future children and my future career -- it's kind of funny when you feel guilty for not spending enough time with children that aren't even conceived yet!

3. I'm really sick of my kitchen always being dirty!

4. Sick that my hubby has to work away 3-4 nights a week

5. Sick of mean people

6. Sick of everyone telling my i have to save the world or I won't get into med school. do i have to do that in addition to selling my soul and sacrificing my first born???

Ok -- well that's a start anyway :p

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15 years 5 months ago #11048 by rs4
five, only five???
1. piles of paperwork ALWAYS waiting for me at work and home
2. time avoiding paperwork ;)
3. feeling awkward or ashamed when I tell people I've been doing jazzercise for 6 years, imagining them thinking "well, it must not work if she still has those big thighs".
4. rigid roles for men and women
5. people wanting to charge me extra because they know I'm a doctor, or not pay me because they know I'm a doctor, or charge me higher business license fees because they know I'm a doctor, or pay me last of their bills because they know I'm a doctor, or expect me to lead discussion groups at church because....well, you get my drift......R
6. following all the rules which I am stopping right now with numbers 6-10
7. when my husband stands longinly in front of the open refrigerator...
8. when corporations get breaks not afforded to small business
9. arrogance
10. guilt!

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15 years 5 months ago #11049 by PremedRN
Another case in point: I will name this one "Just Do your Freakn job already!!"

I was picking up a script for my youngest son that had been called in to this particular CVS pharmacy, and I had a written one for my other son with atopic dermatitis for some Protopic which was written for 45g...so I decided I should fill it then while I was picking the called in script up to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, the pharmacist looked at the script and told me that the Protopic only came in 30 or 60s and asked which one I wanted. I said, "60g because it will cost me the same even it were written for 30g ." (Now mind you, this isnt on my plan's formulary so it would be more expensive than usual--not to mention my son's skin disorder is widespread). She said, " Well I only have 30g, you will need to call the doctor and have him correct it." I asked, " You are telling me that Im going to have to go back home and call??!!!" She then replied, " Yeah, we dont have the 60g anyway." I payed for my one prescription thinking to myself, "Doesn't two 30g tubes of ointment equal 60g?"---I have NEVER been to a pharmacy that when something like this happens, the pharmacy doesnt call the doc him or herself. I did go home and give the office a call and the nurse couldnt believe what happened---ME NEITHER. Needless to say, I did not fill it at that pharmacy and will NEVER. I feel that pharmacist was lazy, and pushed off the customary responsiblility of a pharmacist off on me. What makes it worse is that Im an RN, and I know what is normal and what is not...it makes me think the average non-medical career person gets dooped a lot in regards to things that could be taken care of there at the pharmacy. Dont they want our business? Remeber my first post about people getting payed to do their jobs and always wanting to push their responsibility-what they are getting paid for off on everyone else?

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