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older aaplicant hoping to get into med school

17 years 6 months ago #11904 by Cynthia
I'd love to know what you "older moms" (or perhaps I should say more experienced moms?)have faced in the application process. What were the additional problems you faced BECAUSE you were an older applicant? In addition, what things have you found to be helpful in overcoming these problems?

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17 years 6 months ago #11905 by deb44
The school I am going to (University at Buffalo) is very receptive to older students; a few years ago they accepted the oldest med student ever at age 54. I did encounter strong opposition from a doctor in the community, who said in his day "they never would have allowed someone like you to go to Medical School" and that I had "no right to take a taxpayer subsidized spot away from someone younger who would practice longer." I get asked a lot why I "suddenly" decided to become a doctor, or why I didn't do it sooner if it was something I always wanted to do. I still struggle to answer these questions without rehashing my life history. My interviewers didn't discuss age unless or until I brought it up. I tended to be defensive at first in my essays and interviews, and then decided that if I truly believe that my age doesn't affect my ability to make it through medical school and practice medicine, then I should emphasize my abilities and strengths and not treat my age as a liability. There are a lot of older students and applicants out there in their 30's and even 40's so we are not as odd as we think.

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