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unhappy docs??

12 years 8 months ago #12577 by mom1st
Please don't misinterpret what I wrote...!!!!!!! I NEVER said I disliked daycare; I said I didn't like leaving my child(ren)!!!!

I don't dislike daycare all! My first son was in a great facility across the street from my residency clinic, and his teachers were amazing. When I started my "real job," we had a babysitter who came into our home, and she was like family. In fact, my kids were in her wedding, and we are still very close. After our move last summer, my boys went to preschool at Montessori, and we just loved it. They thrived in this environment. My daughter was scheduled to go to Montessori for infant care when I decided to stay home for now. My oldest will go to kindergarten this fall, and my second child will return to Montessori for preschool this fall as well. My third will definitely be at the Montessori school when she is old enough for preschool.

The problem was NOT the facility or the provider, or even the CONCEPT of daycare...I could not have been more thrilled with our child care options. This was the personality part for me... I just felt this very strong need to be my children's primary provider, and leaving that opportnity to someone else was very difficult for me. I have a sister-in-law who has no reservations about taking her child to daycare, and that's great. For me, though, I am just wired in that mothering department in such a way, that I am not happy leaving those duties to someone else. You are right, I may not be happy leaving them no matter what the career or job! But medicine certainly does carry many features and complicating factors that other jobs do not....

If I had had a crystal ball, who knows what path I may have followed. But we have to make the best choices with the information we are given at the time. I never knew motherhood would hit me with such a powerful punch when I had my children.

I have NO issues with daycare; I just want to be a bigger part of my children's early years. AND, I want the flexibility when my kids are older, so I can attend their activities and events. A limited urgent care situation is most compatible with those needs right now.

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12 years 8 months ago #12578 by RN2MD23
Thanks for all your replies everyone. I appreciate everyone giving me their perspectives. Input from those who have been their is invaluable when it comes to making my decisions about what career path to pursue.


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