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Successful Premeds at Comm College

14 years 1 week ago #12707 by duckywhackephn
Sorry, :)
I'm a little confused. :confused: boggled: So all you guys are saying that med schools do not like people who attend cc then transfer to univ.

I have another question. What is the big difference between a comm. college's science class and univ's science class? Don't they cover the same materials?

Thanks. :)

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14 years 1 week ago #12708 by efex101
I will try briefly to explain some things....I hope :p Medical schools for the most part "prefer" that the pre-reqs be taken an undergrad college versus a CC. Why? many CC's *are* subpar and the standards to get into them are lesser than to get into a 4 year college because the medical schools do NOT for the most part know how rigorous or not the CC is they hence make a blanket assumption in that the CC's are easier due to less competition among students. This is NOT true for ALL CC's *but* because the medical schools have NO way of knowing which ones are good they then prefer for you to go to the 4yr school. Now, that said, sometimes it is IMPOSSIBLE for some non-trads to go to a 4 year school due to either finances, work, or money or family. If that is your case then you go to the CC and apply to schools that are more receptive to this situation and yes there are schools that do realized that NOT all folks can pick up and move the family or quit their job to go to a daytime 4 year school. Will it limit your chances at some schools? yes. Another issue is IF you have a choice then GO to the 4 year school to maximize your chances of getting in. Another thing you need to consider is with over what 25,000 folks applying the competition IS fierce and by going to the CC you are placing yourself at a disadvantage from the "competition" standpoint. IF the school gets 5,000 applications and there are two students exactly the same (qualifications wise) one with classes from a 4 year school the other from the CC well...the school will more than likely pick the student from the 4 year school. Why? again this is due to the notion that CC's are "easier" academically and for the most part this IS true although yes, there are some very rigorous CC's but these are not in the majority. Medical school IS very very rigorous so adcoms prefer folks that come from a more rigorous academic background hence the bias. So if you have the option go to the 4 year...if you cannot for whatever reason then get A's at the CC and ROCK the MCAT. This will dispel any "issues" adcoms might have with your academic background.

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