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Would this be accepting special treatment?

14 years 7 months ago #13735 by berkleyite
I am a M3 and just started rotations. wow i thought that the first 2 years were bad. they were. now I love rotations but don't like being tired and away from my family so much. Also, when I am tired my emotions run the gamut and mostly i end up getting depressed.Anyway in my first rotation i got the short end of the stick regarding call in comparison to others on this rotation. I have 2 staurdays and a friday on overnight call when others have one weekend or none. Of course, not wanting to complain, i was going to suck it up but one of my team offered to exchange with me for a weekday out of the blue because he says he knows i have a family and want to spend time with them. if we dont' have call we don't have to go in at all on the weekends. at first i was touched that he was so sensitive and was seriously considering it. I am so tired! :tired: Then i wondered that if i do take him up on his offer, will I be confirming what they suspect about mommds- that we can't handle medicine and a family? or should i swallow my pride and take him up on his offer for my family? right now i am leaning towards not taking him up on his offer because i dont' want any special treatment. I feel as if i have to learn how to handle family and my career and this might mean not going into such a busy field or something.
I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on this. have you eveer been in such a situation? how did you handle it?

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14 years 7 months ago #13736 by Popcorn
I'd take it. Personally, if you ended up with 3 weekend calls, and some had none, you definitely got the short end of the stick. How the heck did that happen? Anyway, calls are supposed to be divided fairly. I'd take him up on the offer.

Of course, I'm post call, and had a hellish night, so I might be biased. (ya think?) ;) But still. I don't have kids, but I still like having a weekend off here or there! Most people do, family or no.

That's my tired, grumpy, post lousy-scutting-call opinion.


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14 years 7 months ago #13737 by momofchris
I'd take him up on it. 3rd year is hard enough on your family without you having to take more difficult calls than everyone else. Who cares what people think?
My first rotation of 3rd year, I was as gung-ho as you about making a great impression. I didn't miss a single day, even when my son was sick and I regret it to this day. No one appreciated my effort and after all that, I still ended up getting a "B" on that rotation. By the end of the year, I was routinely missing at least a day or two per rotation. Guess what? My grades and recommendations actually IMPROVED and it sure made me a lot happier.

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14 years 7 months ago #13738 by Cabinbuilder
Take it. What cares what others think. No one else walks in your shoes. Plus if it's a classmate? They don't evaluate you. You are overly worrying. Heck, I have a family and I don't care if I only do the minimun. I would only try to bust ass if its in a rotation that you expect to specialize in and you are looking for a letter of rec from an attending. Otherwise forget that gunner bull, leave it to the gunners so they get sick and tired - Not you.

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14 years 7 months ago #13739 by Doc201X
I hate to "go here" but unless you know this person offering well, I wouldn't take it if you stand out from the others in your group. For example, if I was the only Mom in the group I'd say no beacuse I wouldn't want to give the impression that my mothering duties interfere with my school life. If you're a minority, I 'd say no because it could be a "set up" to make you look bad ( you couldn't "handle" the schedule assigned by the preceptor) and yes, I've had a gesture that seemed "benign" end up being a way for the person offering make me look bad to the group.

I hear people say all the time you shouldn't worry about what other people say but so far as I can tell the only folks fairly "immune" to what other people are saying are white males and the reason is simply because they still "run things" in medicine. There are just too many unknowns and you don't know who has the "ear" of the person giving you your evaluation.

Finally, I'm a take it any way I can get it girl. I imagine when I get to 3rd year, If I get any 2 days off in a arow it won't matter when they happen during the week or on the weekend. "Weekend" attitude can be celebrated ANY days of the week you have to be with your family.

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14 years 7 months ago #13740 by Button
If the person who offered to take your call does not already have a lot of weekend call, then I would take him up on his offer. He may of realized that you were getting screwed over and genuinely tried to do a nice thing. Kids or no kids, the call schedule should be worked out as equally as possible.

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