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officially confused

13 years 8 months ago #14222 by BabyDR
Okay I am officially lost and confused.
I like in NYC, do you all know how many different allopathic, osteopathic, and pa schools there are that are relatively close to there? a lot!

I have no idea where to begin or end..(Im finishing my sophmore year of Undergrad)

How did everyone pick? at least pick between md, do, and pa?? :confused:

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13 years 8 months ago #14223 by SurgChick
Here is a list of all allopathic med schools in the US, listed by state. This is a list of osteopathic med schools. Finally, this is the list of PA programs in NY.

Not sure why you couldn't do that search yourself, but there it is.

There is extensive info on the internet about these different fields. Honestly, there really isn't any difference anymore between MDs and DOs. There is still some predjudice though against DOs, and many patients don't know what a DO is. Allopathic schools tend to be a bit more difficult to get into. As for being a PA, it's a good lifestyle and I believe they make good money. It's only 2 years of school instead of 4. The downside is that you're a professional scut monkey, and don't have nearly the autonomy of a physician.

Good luck in your decision making, and don't stress too much! Just focus on doing well in school... good grades will get you wherever you decide to go. :)

PGY-3, General Surgery

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