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Introverts in Med School?

11 years 1 week ago #14254 by Dental-Mom
I just took the test and got this:

ENFJ with a 67% Extraverted

Oprah is one ENFJ as well, hey no wonder I so click with the woman....

I find that the older I get the more outgoing I become. I'm so not shy and I'm one of those people who fly across the room to shake a hand or give a hug. I also prefer to listen to people rather than talk, although I am a big talker too :yes:

My interview last week at the dental school was not easy at all. But thanks to my ability to negotiate deals, I won the interview. I'm famous for making car dealers cry :rotfl:

Dentistry is the 100% right fit for me as I really like interacting with patients! I'd die in a lab research working alone :weeping:

starfish, YOU ARE amazing at talking too! I'm sure! You don't have to be like anyone else, or say what others say. Just be you, believe in you and what you believe. Nothing can go wrong when you are strong because of you. Make a list of all the good attributes you have and don't you ever feel little about it. Be proud of what you have to say. Turn off your negative internal intercom and start talking when you want, and say what's in your head. You'll be amazed with the results! You know all of this, so now all you have to do is express it.

Dental Mom<br />Determination: You don't know what you can do until you try.<br />Applying this summer<br />Dental school 2010!

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11 years 6 days ago #14255 by gypsypony
I am also in the INFJ category, and what I think most people misunderstand about MeyersBrigg and the E/I designation is how they define extrovert and introvert. It has nothing to do with being outgoing or shy. It is how you "recharge" your batteries. So an extrovert gets energized by being around and interacting with others, while an introvert needs to have down or alone time to feel rested. You can be very not shy and an introvert. :yes:

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11 years 1 day ago #14256 by rs4
I was INFP when I too the MB in med school, social with peers but very scared talking in front of groups. I remember saying "I don't know" on rounds before I even thought about the question in order to get the spotlight to pass off of me...probably social phobic if you need a name for it. I do recharge my batteries with solitude

Now I love the one of one of psych and also am much less shy as I get older and more experienced.

I'm on a med school faculty now. I really enjoy working with residents and would give them a lot of credit if they were aware of their introversion or shyness and asked how to work with/around it when working with me. I know med school doesn't have that same flexibility (duh).


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11 years 1 day ago #14257 by coffeeandtea
rs4- I am so bad about saying "I don't know" on rounds because I hate the spotlight! Which is sort of odd- it seems the older I am, the shyer I am... maybe some of it is the insecurities of medical school....

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11 years 1 day ago #14258 by fearlessphoenix
Path - no wonder you make me laugh - I am INTJ also . . .

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10 years 11 months ago #14259 by DrEthiope
As gypsypony said, introvert/extrovert has nothing to do with shyness. I'm an INFP and I'm hardly shy.

When I did my Myers-Briggs the list of suggested professions included psychiatrist under INFP and pathologist, plastic surgeon and neurologist under INTP (I was right on the line between the two).

I would urge you to pay attention to how you're feeling about your clerkships. I loved the first two years of med school and then found I was really indifferent to third and fourth year. At the time I thought this was a result of the fact that my mother died the third day of my third year, but now, 13 years later, I realize that I shouldn't have necessarily gone into clinical medicine. I'm currently getting my MPH and plan to segue out of clinical medicine and into health policy.

I find that as an introvert, although one-on-one interactions are fine, it's hard to be "forced" to interact with one person after another even when you would rather be alone. I find that for me, something where I can take blocks of time to work on one project where I can close the door if need be will work better. This is what health policy will be since it's all about research and writing.

Also, call has been very difficult because the need we introverts have to recharge alone can be jeopardized by the intrusive nature of call. Even if daily practice is easy to deal with, it can be difficult to deal with call because you need that time everyday to be alone and recharge, something you may not be guaranteed to have when on call.

Anyway, one thing I can say for sure is it's good you are learning about yourself and pay attention to what you're learning. I wish I'd known all this stuff years ago; I may have avoided lots of mistakes if I had.

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