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Mother's Day Competition 2006! Books to be won! Enter here, reply to this thread

13 years 7 months ago #15320 by MomMD

It was really hard to choose as there were some fantastic responses here. Drum roll please..

First place - DO1day

I love moms in medicine because I believe a resourceful mother provides the best counsel. A seasoned veteran to this battle we call life, a mother brings compassion, patience and unrelenting hope to her practice and consequently to those who thrive under her guidance.

Second place - Ace

I love Moms in medicine because it teaches our children that we can love and care for many people in many different ways and that we love to learn and grow forever.

Third place - TLC

I love Moms in Medicine because they compel us to believe that the role of the woman is no longer one or the other, but the two intertwined into one.

Please send me a PM with a ranked list of the 3 books, with the one you want the most at number 1. I'll endeavour to match your needs, but the first place winner will definitely get the book of her choice.

Please include your mailing address in the PM.


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