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13 years 10 months ago #15308 by ace
I love Moms in medicine because it teaches our children that we can love and care for many people in many different ways and that we love to learn and grow forever.


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13 years 10 months ago #15309 by Baby Einstein
I love MomMDs because they are, all at once, inspiring and devoted to their children, loving and supportive to their husbands, caring and comforting to their patients.

Written by Baby Einstein
Inspired in part by the diary of TexasRose, the only med student/mom of 3/marathoner I've ever heard of. She rocks!!!

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13 years 10 months ago #15310 by DO1day
I love moms in medicine because I believe a resourceful mother provides the best counsel. A seasoned veteran to this battle we call life, a mother brings compassion, patience and unrelenting hope to her practice and consequently to those who thrive under her guidance.

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13 years 9 months ago #15311 by scooby
I love MomMDs because - they are strong, they are sensitive, they CARE, they dare to do it all - and they DO do it all ! No man could ever pull that off !!

If I were to pick my physician, I would pick a mom, any day !

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13 years 9 months ago #15312 by Anki
I love Moms in Medicine because I know what an exceptionally wonderful gift it is to be a child of one of them! :)

Dear Mom, I am sending you a million thanks for this gift that you gave me. Whether you wanted it or not, I grew up to love medicine just as much as you do. You have always encouraged me to find my professional interests in any field I was interested in and you worked hard to provide me with opportunities to learn about many different professions. With all the difficulties that a woman in this profession has to face, you hoped that I would find my interests outside medicine. However, even as a small child, I could not help but see and feel the deep devotion you felt towards your profession and the satisfaction you gained from your work. I remember very well some of your patients, for example the old fisherman who, despite his old age a deteriorating health, continued year after year to bring his own catch of fish for our family for the Christmas holidays. He was there every December, carrying the heavy pack up to our 4th floor apartment, as an expression of his gratitude toward his doctor who he felt had saved his life.
Dear Mom, you are with me in my thoughts now before Mother’s day - as always. I hope that my love will reach you at the other side of the Ocean, thousands of miles away. Let me wish you Happy Mother’s Day with this little story that happened to me a few days ago:

It was my birthday, and I just arrived to pick up my 4 year old son from school after a long day of work at the hospital.
As soon as he sees me, he starts running towards me, with his tiny arms spread out for a big hug.
“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Happy Birthday! I made a very special present for you!”
My son hugs me and hands me a very special picture. It is a colored drawing, with many random lines on it. The paper has a piece of string attached at the top, he explains, so that I could hang it on the wall in my bedroom.
I ask him to tell me what the picture shows.
“This is a heart,” he starts explaining. At this moment, my own heart start melting. Then he continues, with a huge smile on his face, unbelievably sprakling eyes and genuine enthusiasm:
“So this is the heart… And these are blood vessels. And this red thing here is blood, and those are white blood cells. And there are muscles and bones. This paper works like an X-Ray machine, you can see the bones with it! Here, Mommy, it’s yours! Happy Birthday!”

Happy Mothers Day My Dear Mom, and to all the Moms here on MomMD!


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13 years 9 months ago #15313 by Cabinbuilder
I love mom's in medince. We don't take "no", or "you can't do that" lightly. We fight for what we believe yet can be compassionate for the sick and elderly. We are fiercely protective of our children, love our spouses, yet are tough in the OR and become the brick wall against those ready to abuse the system. We are idealists in the face of HMO's and non-medical persons trying to control our jobs and try our sanity. I think if the world were run by mom's there would be world peace, global health care, and no child would go hungry. Health care would not be for the priviledged who can afford it. I'm an glad the I am a mom in health care and despite the huge amount of negativity I see everyday I still feel that somehow, I, too, will change the world just a little bit. I have forged my own path to be at this point. I am a leader. I am a doctor. I am a mom. :cloud9:

LECOM Class 2006
Osteopathic Family Practice Resdincy 2009
Locum Tenens: Urgent Care/Rural Medicine.

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