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Grey's Anatomy ticks me off (West Coasters don't read yet!)

13 years 9 months ago #16617 by StartingOver
I hate Grey's Anatomy! I have tried to watch it a few times but every time I watch it's all about the sex and never about the medicine. Aren't these people supposed to be surgery interns?? When do they have time to have so much sex?

The last time I peeked at it, the main character with the hair (Meredith?) had sex with this cute guy who seemed like a friend and obviously had a huge crush on her and she started crying in the middle of intercourse. I felt so bad for the guy. I'm sure she has gone on to shack up with a bunch of losers since then instead of realizing her best friend loves her. But that's a typical plotline. Women never realize what they have until it's gone!

House on the other hand is a great show! I'm about a month behind on my episodes...so for any of you watching it, don't tell me what happens. I'm studying all the time (premed nerd) and watch House and too many other shows much later then when they air on TV!

Maybe the rest of the country is starting to realize how stupid Grey's Anatomy is.

However, I did like the one black woman who barked orders at Meredith. Now she was actually interesting...unlike the teenagers in scrubs constantly screwing in the call rooms. Oh well. Sorry had to rant about this show. From your posts, sounds like people are mad over recent plot developments.

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13 years 9 months ago #16618 by rollcoaster
I just watch the final show for the season....the ending way like....WHOA. Yep, I can't wait till next season.

I do agree with the last post this show is like a sunday mini soap. Its all about sex, and relationship with a hint of medincie....yep, thats why I love it.

Now, the funny things I can't seem to get into the Show 'HOUSE'.....not enough personal drama. :scratchchin:

My BF hates 'Grey's' he thinks its stupid and too catty...now I wonder how it got that idea :laughing:

Anyone likes the show Bones?...I love that show!!!

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13 years 9 months ago #16619 by Popcorn
Haven't seen Grey's Anatomy, although it's definitely sweeping the country...

I was in ortho clinic last month and an older couple started whispering when I walked in - they then blushed and said that they were awfully excited to meet a real, live surgery intern.

(I had to burst their bubble, as I'm not a surgery intern.)

I can get into House, but I still adore Scrubs most of all. I swear it's the most realistic medical show on TV.

(And yes, I LOVE Bones, but can never figure out when it's on... and oh, that whole being an intern thing. I don't have time to watch TV, much less manage love triangles with my colleagues!)

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