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11 years 8 months ago #18275 by premed mom
I have very sensitive skin and many of the women in my family swear by "Dermalogica" so I use it as well. I might just be falling for the gimmicks that most beauty products put forth, but here is what I use...

Their "special cleansing gel" is soap-free and does not dry out my skin. I also use their "multi-active toner" right after I wash and it moisturizes (you just spray it on your face). Their stuff doesn't have any artificial fragrance or color. I use their "active moist" face lotion at night, but during the day I use Garnier Nutritioniste on my face because it has spf. When I wear make-up its "smashbox" and all of their stuff is moisturizing and usually has spf in it too. I have yet to find a good body wash...I usually just buy what's on sale, but my skin feels dry all the time. I used to get Aveeno and it was nice.

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