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DR. made me feel DOWN!!

11 years 9 months ago #1693 by DrEthiope
Oh....and teachers get 2-3 months off during the summer, free time that they can organize and fight for better circumstances. Doctors are having to work harder and harder just to stay in the same place due to continuously falling reimbursements and increasing paperwork. Few have time to get involved politically to make things better, although some, including myself, have gotten involved as much as we can and still work enough to pay the bills. All of these things are going on, but up against the powerful insurance companies and trial lawyers groups it can seem like a pretty daunting task.

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11 years 9 months ago #1694 by MomtoRyan
I just wanted to add some suggestions for dealing with your brother....
Obviously I don't know your brother, but I have had a few dealings with mine and this is how I have chosen to handle it. A little background - I am an engineer, he is an engineer, and my husband is an engineer. My brother once told my husband that he didn't believe a woman could do his job (excuse me? Did we really grow up in the same household? What century are we in?) He would never actually say that to my face, probably because he knows the response he would get back from me if he did. So now, any advice he gives I take with a grain of salt, analyze it to see if it may be valid, and find someone else to discuss it with.

My suggestion would be to find someone who has been in your situation and discuss your concerns with them. He has been through med school, but not after a different career, and not at an “older” age. Ask him if he had any non-traditional students in his class and see if you can contact any of them. Or just in general, ask other physicians for their opinions. There are things in every profession that some people don’t like. If someone asked me about engineering, I would say don’t do it, but there are plenty of people who are perfectly satisfied with it.

Also, consider this. I have talked over my decision with a minister that I know who made a pretty major career change. She told me that there's a quote in the Bible something like...a prophet knows no honor in his hometown - meaning that sometimes the people closest to you are your worst critics.

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11 years 9 months ago #1695 by mnayaaz
I know sometimes things seem "greener on the other side", until you are the one there and then you see the true side. I believe MomMd is a great source to hear from other doctors, who are not afraid to say their true feelings.

Thank you all for your posts. I truly have enjoyed reading them and appreciate your time spent on this. This is very important to me as well as your replies.

I wish you all good health and happiness within your families and career.

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11 years 9 months ago #1696 by sisriver
mnayaa, i haven't read all the posts here in detail, just skimmed, but I want to offer another view.
that is that I don't think it's always best to take advice from family members. I've found there is a pecking order within a family that is maitained, the members don't want it changed. so your brother could have unconscious reasons for giving you that advice.
consider everything you've heard and read, then follow your heart. maybe (like some of us) you have to go thru it before you can judge, also maybe some of us women ahead of yuo will be able to change it for the better

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