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For the married ladies: has anyone let themselves go?

14 years 5 months ago #19646 by gingerdoc
hello ,
I have been married for 7 yrs now and I believe"letting yourself go " sometimes is just about coming down to earth after the falling in love phase and honeymoon. It's important that your husband appreciates you as you looking your worst. Think of a time when you would be ill and can't keep up appearances!I bet that hubby would rush off to look for another "sexy model"

On the other hand , we do need to look good and take good care of ourselves as looking good makes you feel good as earlier mentioned in previous posts. Again you also need to surprise your hubby once in a while to keep that flame burning. But this does not mean going out of yr way just to do it for him.it can sometimes spell insecurities in one's marriage

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