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Defering residency for motherhood?

12 years 10 months ago #19649 by IndieDoc
So I am in a real dilemma. I have already interviewed but not yet ranked residency programs in Internal Medicine. I just found out I am pregnant, which would make me due in the 3rd month of internship year! I do not want to start internship year with maternity leave. I am thinking about extending my fourth year into two or taking a break for a year. Is this career suicide? So if I were to take time off and withdraw from the match, would it be ok to reapply and interview next year? How do you think residency programs would percieve this? How realistic is it to be able to raise a new baby during internship (my husband is a pretty busy professional as well)? Please help!

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12 years 10 months ago #19650 by SurgChick
It's not that uncommon for women to take a year off b/w med school and residency for a new baby. I doubt that programs would look down on you for that... in fact, it gives you a bit more "life experience" than most other applicants. Consider applying again next year, and taking a year off (maybe working a little to bring in a few bucks).

Also, some programs allow you to defer your start time a year after you've matched with them. Ask the progams you've interviewed at about this. You may be able to match now, work later. :-)

Having a baby as an intern is very challenging, but if you have EXCELLENT child care options, it is doable.

PGY-3, General Surgery

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