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12 years 2 months ago #2135 by JN819
i need some advice on behalf of my husband. He is a practicing doc, and his main practice is a small, one employee office (not including me). I play the role of office manager, and do all the financial, hiring/firing and billing.
He has one secretary who has been working for us since March. She is 26 and lives with her boyfriend who is a tV producer and a DJ.
So i was snooping around the front desk computer, and went into Ctl+ H to pull up the past history of sites visited.
I found a a bunch of inquiries on cocaine...i.e. "What to do in case of overdose" "Numbenss in limb from cocaine" "treating cocaine overdose" " Women and cocain" etc...and one of the sites suggested valium and Xanax....so the next search was on some pharmacy website and the order was for Valium and Xanax, in a huge qty.

Now here is my problem, I am a little worried, bc first, I wasnt supposed to be snooping, so I cant confront her. and second, it took soooooo long for me to find a normal, full time secretary, who isnt planning on leaving in a few months, that I am afraid to breathe a negative word in her direction. I do of course, reprimand her when something isnt getting done, but I am extra nice about it. She is overall a good employee, does her job, and she doesnt have to be watched all the time. But I dont really want someone like that working a doctors office. She is very skinny, has poor eating habits (french fries with cheese and gravy for breakfast) and has had chroncic "allergies" and is very nasal. But my hubby also gets allergies like that from time to time.....so I cant go just by that.Hes had that since he was a teenager.
Maybe it could be a friend, or a boyfriend...i dont know. But i dont know if I should just forget it, or say something. Should I adress the issue of her using work computer for personal email..etc? and see where it goes from there?

I am just afraid that we are going to loose this secretary and not be able to find another...which means I have to do front desk...and be a student....and a manager.

Any advice?

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12 years 2 months ago #2136 by aurora
Why shouldn't you have been snooping? The desk and computer do belong to you (or your husband, at least), right? As an employee, I don't LIKE having my computer use monitored (did I mention I'm at work now?) but it's certainly your right as a manager/employer. Tough situation, but maybe remind her that the computers at work are private property and that they shouldn't be used during work hours. Also, mention that you are able to monitor the sites visited. She if she says anything.

How about a drug test? Many employers require regular drug testing.

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12 years 2 months ago #2137 by amf77
I'd do a drug test - you don't want her running off with your husband's prescriptions pads, writing fake scripts, etc. It may seem like a far stretch for this to happen, but it occurs ALL THE TIME, and she's a prime candidate to do this (my parents are pharmacists and see this stuff regularly, btw).

Can you just say, "oh, I see that we forgot to do the drug test that we administer for our new employee." Seeing as she works in a job where she could steal/obtain controlled substances, this is by no means an unreasonable request. I'd just make sure that you had a reputable drug-testing place do it and not get a test from your local pharmacy, and I wouldn't give her a heads-up about the testing, either.

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