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HOW do you get it done?

12 years 1 month ago #2946 by HSTMD2Be
I have a 3 and 4 year old and I know this is not good but every time I have a major test coming up I always take them to Wal-Mart and get them a toy to keep their attention so I can study. This week I bought a Barbie Island Video, a Star Wars Lego Set, and the littlest Pet shop small figures. I spent $70.00 and that is crazy and my husband is mad at me and I am mad at myself. I guess I feel desperate though because I know how you feel. I usually do not gets my kids asleep until 10:00pm and sometimes as late as 11:30pm. Their daycare lets them sleep from 12:00pm-3:00pm so they do not want to sleep at night. I have gone as far as going up to the daycare and waking them up early during nap time when I was on my lunch hour and their etachers tell me they fall back to sleep after I leave! We have had this problem at 3 daycares and I like this daycare because it is at the school I teach at so I am not switching them plus I get a good discount. So, I usually fuel up on cofee and try to study from 9:00pm-Midnight and then fall asleep around 12:30am and wake up at 6:30am and do it all over again. I can never truely focus though becuase I am distracted. My husband is a 1st year Vet student so he can not help me. In case you are wondering I am working on a Masters degree to try and make up for a low undergraduate GPA and I will finish my pre-reqs for medical school once my husband gets through his 2nd year of Vet school because it is suposed to get easier for him then. I am always exhausted and I teach high school and my 1st period class always asks me if I am tired because words come out of my mouth backwards during my lectures and I forget my students names. I too think I lost half of my memory after I had children. My family lives 3 hours away and I make it a point to send my kids to grandmas twice a month becasue it I did not have family support I would go CRAZY, if I am not already! :yikes:

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12 years 1 month ago #2947 by Yearstogo
Take heart, HSTMD2Be, we had/have the same kids nap at daycare and they don't want to sleep at night problem as you. My son still lies awake at night as he is still at the daycare, but the day my daughter started kindergarten and the afterschool program at the elementary school, she started dropping off to sleep at night nearly instantaneously, sometimes even mid-story. We can't wait until our son goes to kindergarten next fall!

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12 years 1 month ago #2948 by Baby Einstein
Well I only have one (2 yo) but I can definitely relate... I allow him to watch one video per day (around 45 minutes), and he's fully absorbed so I can catch up on stuff then. Not very intense studying, but emails and little things.

I second the new toy idea (especially right before you have exams). I usually just swap toys with a neighbor. You know new toys only hold their attention for so long...

I also always have a stack of flashcards to go through while he is playing. It's especially good if we go to the playground, or just play in the driveway (sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a couple of neighbors and he's set for an hour or two). Sometimes he wants me to read them (or even my textbooks) to him. As long as I read them with my "story voice", he's satisfied for a while. I must sound crazy though. He also likes when I study path because there are so many pictures in the books! He keeps asking "what's that?", it's funny.

Still, any true studying comes after bedtime (which luckily, is 8:30 for us). It was all working good but now with the pregnancy (3rd trimester already) I need a lot more sleep and I can't rely on caffeine, so it's been a bit rougher.

Kris, I'm sure you'll do fantastic on your test with your kids' help. And then we'll wonder how YOU do it! Good luck!!!

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