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About to head to the Caribbean with three kids and husband in tow

1 year 4 months ago #140815 by lymylf
I'm 38 I have three kids 15,12,4 and husband who works overseas. We're all planning to head to Antigua so I can pursue my dream. I have had a bio degree and am a paramedic. It's just never felt like enough. I never even applied to any us schools. I am terrified I will be making a terrible decision. My family thinks we'll rock it and all my friends agree. But I worry about so many little things that added up could be a lot. Has anyone done this? The Caribbean is a big move. I would love the advice :)

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1 year 4 months ago #140817 by sahmd
It's great that your husband and kids will be coming with you, and they seem very supportive. It sounds like everything has already been arranged, so I'm not sure what kind of advice you want at this point. I am no expert, but my understanding is that there are more barriers to successful completion of medical training if you start out in the Caribbean, compared to a US medical school, but it can be done. I also hear that it is very expensive. If your gut is telling you that this is a big mistake, then I think you owe it to yourself to examine why. Do some more research about the school you are thinking about, and about Caribbean schools in general. Which little things do you worry about? The alternative would be to wait and apply to a bunch of US schools. There are no guarantees for medical students in the US, but it is definitely less risky than going to medical school in the Caribbean.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

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