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High risk pregnancy -- when to tell boss?

3 weeks 3 days ago #140864 by lupacexi
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has good advice for my situation...

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and am scheduled to do CVS in a few weeks. I'm a high risk pregnancy. I'm also starting a brand new job and really want to put my best foot forward. My last position was pretty malignant and I suffered through a complicated pregnancy that I ultimately lost at 5 mos. I never told my boss but obviously had to take some days off.

My new job has a pretty set schedule and I'm worried about taking a day off to do CVS. What do I tell my new boss? I have a doctor's apt and need to be off the entire day? Since I'm brand new, it's hard to take a sick day.... At what point did you all tell your work about your pregnancy? How did it end up?

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3 weeks 2 days ago #140866 by sahmd
As for the CVS, can't you just say that you need to have a medical procedure that day but will need the whole day off? Or could you schedule the CVS for later in the day so that you can work for a while in the morning first?

If you mention the CVS to your boss, then that opens up the entire pregnancy can of worms -- time off for appointments, maternity leave, possible complications, the adjustment to being a new parent, etc. -- and you will have to be prepared to talk about all those things. I don't know the details of your situation, but I can imagine scenarios where you would want to know the results of the CVS before making any further plans. If so, maybe it would make sense to get the results first and then go from there.

Also, it wasn't clear from your post if you have actually started the new job yet or are about to start. I am thinking that you are more vulnerable if you have not started the job yet.

I think most people wait until after the first trimester has passed to tell anyone, mainly because they want to make sure they are past the time with the highest rate of miscarriage.

It is difficult because you want to make a good impression in every way. If you don't say anything now, you can focus on showing them that you are a hard worker and are doing a good job. On the other hand, you also want to be seen as honest and respectful, and you want the boss to be able to make plans with correct information. I think you could make a case for doing it either way. I imagine I would wait until I had the results back, but you will have to let your conscience be your guide.

I hope everything goes well with both your pregnancy and your new job!

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