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2 weeks 4 days ago #141048 by phanhuyen12

I'm a retired MD having left my oncology practice 6 years ago when it merged with another. The stress of the speciality itself, 2 kids and my private practice urologist husband's call schedule was too much - I was so burnt out at the time that I never thought I would want to reenter medicine and idiotically let everything expire - WA state license, board cert for IM and Med Onc. I am now trying to figure out how to get back into clinical practice doing adult primary care. I have been in discussion with my state DOH and my old multi-specialty group and it does seems doable, - my old group has no qualms with me seeing patients. But has anyone actually done such a thing? I am feeling so overwhelmed and so stupid. The DOH has a reactivation packet which requires 100 CME credit hours at the minimum. They amy then ask for more - CPEP eval, SPEX/PLAS exam, and even 1 or more years of residency. I have found an online program through UCSD that specifically has been developed for retired physicians to get them into primary care, even if they were specialists before. Its based on up to date and offers 180 CME credit hours, culminating in a in person assessment. It sounds great but I don't know if it will satisfy the DOH. If anyone has any stories of how they reentered please share them. I am such a mix of emotions now - anger, sadness, disappointment, fear.

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2 weeks 3 days ago #141049 by sahmd
Hi phanhuyen12, I will send you a PM. In the meantime, take a look at this blog by a physician who reentered after many years, in a state that had a lot of barriers to reentry: www.reentryphysician.com/ She chronicles the whole journey, and a lot of it may apply to your situation.
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