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1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #141103 by sunnyard5666
Everyone says to make a list of + and -. I am a fourth year med student still unsure what specialty to pursue. I am in a unique situation bc my DH has already matched into general surgery in a city with limited residency options. He is in general surgery, so I'm especially looking for something "family friendly" seeing that his schedule will be hectic. I am at a stand-still about making up my mind at this point. I know that psychiatry is family friendly as well, but I really didn't enjoy the rotation so I've pretty much ruled it out. Here are the specialties I'm considering. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE any insight or opinions. So here are the options...

1. pediatrics
+ solid program in DH's city, where my home is
+ can be family friendly after residency, meaning no nights, no weekends, limited call
+ option to work part-time
+ option to subspecialize, including ER track
+ considered the "go to" person, specialized but still general
+ people are friendly
+ pregnancy in residency is a possibility
+ call isn't that terrible q5 x 4 mo after intern yr

- limited to working with just kids
- if you don't like general outpt peds, could be very hard to find a job
- pay kinda sucks
- still have a decent amount of call, isn't a "cushy" residency

2. Family Medicine
+ option to do anything you want- women's health, see kids, palliative care, etc.
+ some procedures, though not a lot
+ residency is nice, home call after intern year
+ jobs are EVERYWHERE so I would be MOBILE
+ option to work part-time
+ compensation better than peds in the southeast
+ again, residency gives time to moonlight, free food, super nice
+ ppl are generally laid back
+ no nights, weekends, holidays if you want

- program in DH city sucks
- other programs within 1-2 hours, but would have to live away from home
- not a lot of subspecialty options
- no baby in residency with long distance marriage
+/- fast paced working environment

- long distance from DH- 2 hours minimum
- increased mortality risk working all those night shifts
- could get really tired of working holidays, nights, weekends
- scheduling could be a problem with lots of young kids who thrive on a schedule
- no pregnancy in residency due to distance
- pregnant in the ER working 12 hr shifts with no time to pee???

Thoughts anyone?
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1 year 4 months ago #141104 by sahmd
I'm not exactly clear on your situation -- when you refer to " lots of young kids who thrive on a schedule," do you mean that you already have lots of young kids? Or is this hypothetical?

If you already have kids, then it would probably be least stressful for everybody if you could be in the same city as DH. Otherwise, it sounds like you have a lot of good options. If you enjoy both specialties, can you apply to both and give yourself some time to visit programs and then decide? Maybe do some electives to gather more information?

The only thing I would say is not to limit yourself too much. Hopefully this is not your situation, but it seems like every year, someone writes in about how they only applied in one city because of their husband's job, and then they didn't match. I have to wonder if they would have matched if they had applied to more programs, even if they were farther away.

Good luck with your decision!

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