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How about housework?

14 years 2 weeks ago #4064 by gingerdoc
hello ladies, it's good to know that am not alone struggling with all house work. i grew up in a family oriented society and also economically disadvantaged. but as long as you had a job you could afford a house cleaner, nanny ,gardener and a chaffeur because all these jobs do not pay much. so i grew up with all this help and got used to a sparkling house and someone to run a bath for me every morning :o
my career brought me to the western world and i had a big shock to discover all these services are so expensive. i never knew how to painta wall and how to a garden :confused:
to all you ladies who have grown up in this society bravo!!!!!!!you're superwomen. i will never take this kind of help for granted and each time i visit my home country i will respect more all the people that provide these services

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14 years 2 weeks ago #4065 by CoolMommy
medstudent- I'm totally feeling you on the SAHD not cleaning the house. Granted he does all the cooking,but hates doing dishes and sweeping. The dishes really pill up and when I come home from work at midnight I am not washing dishes!
Thank goodness he has started the renovations on the kitchen and we will be getting our dishwasher soon. I do all the laundry,dusting and sweeping gets done probably once a month. We have ripped up all the carpet downstairs because I hate vacuuming, luckily we have nice hardwoods now and a Swiffer :goodvibes: I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy house.

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14 years 2 weeks ago #4066 by plum
I want to live in gingerdoc's homeland with a nanny, gardner and housekeeper! I would love it if it were like that in the US! Seriously, if we are ever in a position to afford any one of those I am all over it (we joked last week when neither of us wanted to clean up the kitchen that we need a maid). Maybe I could practice in England.......Maybe I was royalty in a past life because I am middle class girl from the midwest who would have NO GUILT hiring someone nice to help us out.

Both my husband and I detest housework. I mind it now more than I used to since when I worked as a nurse I usually had a weekday off to take care of this stuff. Now, we have to use our precious weekend time to do it. There is a thread in the physicians forum where someone suggests a website that breaks everything down into 15 minute chores that can be done every day. We might try that, the weekend marathon thing is NO FUN!
Hope you all had a rejuvinating Turkey day.

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