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12 years 7 months ago #4409 by lori
I agree with you julzz and feel for you with the 100.00 order. I, too, am a former bartender and had many of those. Good tippers were ALWAYS treated "extra special"-- i.e. quicker service and better drinks!!!

I have to agree with you on the tipping thing with delivery to your car. I don't think I would have tipped either (not being cheap, just stupid). Knowing this now, if I ever order "to go" I will be sure to go in and get it myself cuz I'll be darned if I tip someone 20% for brining my order to the car! I have always been very generous with tips but you really do need to earn it in my book (and I don't mean kill yourself for it). I waitressed for many years too and I don't think I would even feel right taking 20% from someone for delivering their order to their car.

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12 years 7 months ago #4410 by Allison
in florida there is a seperate minimum wage for people who get tipped.... servers bartenders, stuff like that....it's called "sever minimum wage" not sure ifs thats the dumbed down term but thats what the managers refer to it as.

the reason you should tip the to go person is because usually it's a server, they take turns....we use to take turns as an "expo" someone who trays the food for the servers and helps them out, this person makes sever min wage but is tipped out by all the servers.

so, they to go person is probably making like no money per hour...at least around here.


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