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5 years 7 months ago #90608 by christy.mags
Hello to all! I am at a unique standstill with respect to my career. I have finished all of my USMLE exams, including step 3 prior to obtaining a residency. I decided to start a family before entering a program. I am a foreign graduate who had a few bumps in the road with respect to passing my step 1 on a first attempt, I have not received interviews in my last cycle. I do plan on reapplying again to family as I did before, I also applied to psych and peds last year. In the interim, I thought it would be easier and wiser to look at a job job, as in pharma, and I have had no luck! lots of informational interviews, talks, plenty of talkers but nothing is firming up! I have looked at other industries as back up in case I don't match and I need to have a plan B. this is most frustrating, as I have seen people with no MD or pharm D or PhD's end up working as clinical/medical science liaisons, or even as CRA's which hardly pays anything. I am just really frustrated when people make a judgement call on my starting a family and email others to make that a point in describing me as a job candidate: she is married and has a child! we are talking non clinical jobs here! what difference does it make? when does a woman get the proper respect that she deserves in wanting a higher degree, not getting penalized for it and somewhere started a family? I see so many single women who are alone, at these venues I go to and of course, we have different views of the world at this time, I really need some scope as to where else to consider applying: I have 7 working CV's at this time: MSL/CSL, pharma sales, biomed sales, which I resent, as it does hold a negative stigma, but I need to get experience on my resume if I don't end up in a residency again...I have seen too many of my peers waiting 5 years to get placed! I can't afford the waiting game...I have a CV for medical admin/publishing, insurance in healthcare/med mal as well.
Just daunting and I am hoping for a break.
Thanks for letting me vent...


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5 years 3 months ago #91416 by blueindian34
Hi Christy,

I am in a similar boat as you. I am looking to network with like minded professionals so we can help each other get through this difficult time. Message me and lets swap emails.


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