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US IMG graduate need mentor

1 year 3 months ago #141212 by drf915
I am a US IMG who graduated 6 years ago. Had 2 kids after and have decided to stay at home with them until school going age. I feel I no longer have the drive to pursue residency. My husband suggest I take GRE and apply for Masters/PhD. If I do really well on the GREs, and work for a while, I can possibly get admission to a good program in the health field and have a good work life balance. My priority is my kids, my family. I have come to realize that it is impossible to do both as we cant afford daycare and i'm also losing interest toward the idea of long shifts and not being available for my family. I don't know how admission committees would see my application as being an ambitious woman pursuing medicine and then completely changing goals after having kids. I did complete my MD degree but medicine is not what I thought to be like and feel more comfortable working in theory ie. research or epidemiology. Have you heard of anyone going this path and any suggestions would be much greatly appreciated.

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1 year 3 months ago #141213 by sahmd
Hi drf915, I have definitely heard of people who dropped out of medicine after having kids. It is hard to predict how becoming a parent will affect your priorities. And of course medicine is not the most family-friendly profession, especially in the residency stage. I don't think people on an admission committee would be surprised at all. As for the path you want to take, I don't remember anyone here who has done that particular thing, but you might want to do a search to check. It sounds like it would allow you to use your medical knowledge, in a setting that works better for you. Good luck!

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