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14 years 4 months ago #54540 by ThreeBlips

I used to post and read here a few years ago. My name is Nicki and I am a professional musician with a Bachelors and Masters in Music Performance. I also have a BA in Biology from the University of Rochester from 1991. I lived in Spain for seven years and just moved home with my family.

I have had the nagging desire to become a doctor since I was a sophomore in college. I decided instead to go into music and have had no regrets. A few years ago I was feeling very disillusioned with my field, and I was depressed because of several years of trying to get pregnant to no avail. I began to look into medical school seriously, and began studying for the MCAT.

While this was happening, I got pregnant with triplets through IVF and have had an incredible journey that has resulted in my three beautiful boys, Ian, Nathaniel, and Halden. I had figured that my medical aspirations were over, but now that my guys are 19 months old, I am getting the itch to try for med school again. I am almost 37 years old, but I figure I've only been in my current field 13 years and if I am starting an internship at age 43 (as I currently calculate it) I will still have a good solid 20 years of practicing medicine ahead of me. (Should I be so lucky.)

I am trying to reach a decision about whether this is the right path for me. Something keeps dragging me back to this place time after time. So I've re-registered here at MomMD, having learned a great deal the last time. And now I am a Mom as well! :-)


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14 years 4 months ago #54541 by Laramisa
Hi Nicki,
I think I remember your posts from a few years ago - probably because I was living in Europe too. Welcome back and congratulations on the babies!

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14 years 4 months ago #54542 by MD4me
Welcome Back Nicki!

I registered back in 2002 when this wonderful website started. But then vanished for a while. I just came back this year and am so thrilled to be here. I do remember you and wow 3 little ones, all at the same time :yikes: that is so wonderful. Good luck with your dreams and pm if you ever need to chat. :)

Michelle<br /><br />"Becoming a Doctor will complete my lifelong dream!"

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