Pumping breast milk during Step 1

3 years 11 months ago #96284 by Nina
Hi everyone, I just wanted to comment on this because breastfeeding mothers are allowed extended break time now during Step 1!!! I know this because I just took Step 1 this past summer, and I had 90 minutes of break time (rather than the standard 45 minutes of break). I didn't see this updated on this website, so I wanted to add this to the thread so that people searching for information can get the correct, updated info.

First of all, the information is on the USMLE website: www.usmle.org/test-accommodations/forms.html
The correct form is "Request Additional Break Time Only". I had my doctor write a note that I was breastfeeding, and I mailed it to the USMLE disability services. I also took a photograph of my breastpump and attached the photo with the form. I heard back after a few months that my request for additional break time was approved. I was only then able to register for the exam.

Anyway, I received 90 minutes, and it was enough time for me to pump twice during the exam, as well as have lunch and go to the bathroom. You just have to make a request well in advance!!
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