step 1 and pregnant, 4 weeks left for preparation

2 years 10 months ago #96726 by jj
im currently 34 weeks pregnant. i have been studying for my step 1 but i shall say im not very focused and i get really sleepy. my exam is gonna be in about 4 weeks, (feb 4) and my due date is feb 7. i have a dilemma on whether i should reschedule my exam since im not ready for it yet and postpone it like another month, but i was also wondering if that would help since i already have the newborn by then and if i can still study enough to be ready for the exam while taking care of my baby. thanks for your advise!

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2 years 3 months ago #140830 by lora
I haven't been in the same experience, but I would consider that due dates are not exact and postpone it. Three days apart from your due date there's a high risk of missing your test. I don't know what are the consequences of not showing up to the USMLE though. Also, if you can get help (like your mom or mother in law for example) you might be able to study for the test, but it's still a long shot depending on how prepared you feel. If your match timeline will not be greatly affected the best option would be to postpone it until the baby passes the newborn stage.

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