MCAT Preparation while having a newborn

3 weeks 6 days ago #96835 by Zenfulpremed
Hi all! This is my first post in this website which I find very helpful for all my doubts and anxiety as I am a new mother and a premed. I was planning on taking the MCAT in January 2017 but became pregnant and gave birth on December 2016 so i had to postpone it. I was going to apply this cycle etc etc. Now that I have a newborn I am planning on taking the MCAT sometime at the end of this year. I feel so overwhelmed and it is really hard for me to focus on the preparation materials. I used to be a tutor but I stopped in order to use those energies for the MCAT and medical school in general. Even with all my "free" time (as a sahm) and the fact I quit my job I find it so hard to focus and i'm beginning to feel like it's never going to happen.

I need some advice and words of motivation from all you new mommies out there please! What is the best strategy? What materials are worth it? how long show i study? How is it to have a baby and study and do extracurricular??

thank you all in advance :D
2 weeks 14 hours ago #96854 by Emda
Hi Zenfulpremed!

You can do this! I'm an IMG so don't know about MCAT materials and time, but what you can do to study is while your baby is sleeping during the day you can study 1-2h and when he/she goes to sleep around 7-8pm you can start studying until 11-12pm, what best suits you! If you have any family members/spouse that can take care of your baby while you study 3-4hours in the morning or afternoons it can help you too. The thing is not to give up, keep studying every day at least for 1-2h/day and at the end you have accumulated knowledge as time passes.

Remember that all good things in life require time and effort

Hope this helps!
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