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be med school ready in 12 months

3 years 6 months ago #96267 by Z
I am on my way to being a Speechie and my husband brought up my desire to be an MD, showing me great support. In fact, I am struggling with this decision as Im just finishing the prerequisites for the grad school in Speech. However, it doesn't stimulate me. We have 4 kids total and finances is not really great. I would've just wasted 4 years of Psych and 1.5 years of Speech again. Now, I have to take 40+ undergrad credits to be qualified for med school. That would make a total o f8 years of undergrad, would've earned a 3rd bachelor's already and not make money at anyone of them. pfft!

Anyho0, if I decide on going for this, how do I gain all the unspoken requirements in a year? All while I take all the science courses I need. Btw, I have not taken natural science courses besides A/P since 2006. I have no clinical experience, or natural science research, haven't volunteered on anything since my kids who are now 2.5 and 10mo. Apparently, competitors for med school would have 500 apx of clinical, shadowing, and volunteer. How do I go at par with that?

I will be applying to only one med school (UNR). I am not willing to move somewhere else and uproot my family.

I will appreciate any comments, supportive or constructive.

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