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Podiatry blues

3 years 5 months ago #96313 by MDH
Hello! I have graduated from a 4-year podiatry school and did 3 years of a surgical forefoot and rearfoot residency in Pittsburgh, PA. I worked for a private practice for 1 year with 2 other podiatrists, one of whom was the owner. Besides the overhead issues and management problems, being the new associate I was left taking all the call and working even all of Saturday mornings in the office, as well as taking care of all the complicated surgical cases between 3 offices within 45 miles distance. I got burnt out to say the least really quickly. Before the end of the year and end of my contract, I was offered a contract renewal with no increase in salary which was not comparable to my peers to even start with. Later on I was offered to purchase in as well. Having a feeling that the practice was perhaps dissolving and that the other associate was perhaps leaving as well, I decided to not renew my contract or take some offers in the area due to non-compete agreement and move us closer to the rest of our family in Richmond, VA which needed us at the time. My husband purchased a firm as well and was focusing on that while I was focusing on the family issues. A few months later, I decided to start my job search again. It has been a difficult process finding something in this area having been away and not having an established network. Podiatrist actually also rarely advertise positions. In the process of searching and while I took some time off, I have also realized I no longer wanted to return in the same capacity. I do still love medicine and health care and podiatry, but I am not interested in doing surgery much, if at all. I did enjoy caring for the geriatric population, but have not had much luck finding anything in that sphere yet. Having finished a specialty, also makes it hard to venture into other fields without getting additional education. I have ideas and an interest in starting other businesses, especially nutrition and wellness related, but cannot dedicate much financial resource to that because of my husband's small business financial needs, family, loans and paying for tail insurance. I also love doing non-profit work, volunteering etc. and I had absolutely no time for that last year. I would really appreciate any input in where I could take my career at this point with the resume that I already have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Other aspects of health care are also gladly considered here. Thank you so much.

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