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8 years 6 months ago #81170 by mamadoc11
ERAS is due in two weeks and I am starting to have second thoughts.

I loved my OBGYN rotation and i thought it was something i could do,i did it right after I had my baby and I had a great connection with all the patients, it was fun talking to patients in clinic and i liked deliveries.I didnt like the surgical aspect(I have two left hands and struggled so hard in surgery with just tying a simple knot lol,) but i thought ok i can still handle it, not everything is perfect.
i liked other things too so its not like I am 100% tied to OBGYN.

However I am now really concerned about the lifestyle,these concerns have been brewing for a while especially from people trying to discourage me,however i can be really stubborn lol( i always replied that oh i can make it and it cant be that bad). But now I am having a reality check, lifestyle is really important to me in terms of time with my family(I have a 16 month old and hoping to have some more in a couple of years).I decided to have a discussion with a obgyn who is now in practice and i just ended up in tears after the discussion, she went on and on about how the lifestyle is hard and how its not worth it and the litigation and malpractice is bad blah blah blah. now dont get me wrong I am not lazy, I am a hard worker and I am not scared to bust my butt in any residency but is my life as OBGYN after residency just going to be an extension of residency??? I want to enjoy time with my kids, i want a flexible schedule, I am not to crazy about salary(in other words i am content with making average pay in most specialties). I am starting to think i can get these things with a career in internal medicine which i also enjoyed.

I know have a dilemma on my hands, I have already expressed my interest to my obgyn director, got all my LOR's the whole nine yards. now i just dont know what to do, I am all kinds of confused. I mean i can get LOR's in internal med but it just so scary switching last minute.

*i hope my above rant made sense..lol*
Any advice from current OBGYN's or anyone who switched last minute or just any advice in general

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8 years 6 months ago #81180 by mamadoc11

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8 years 6 months ago #81181 by SW to MD
Southernmd started a thread on this topic a while back, but I can't remember the exact name- any help ladies?

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy - MLKJ

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8 years 6 months ago #81194 by southernmd
Just search for posts under my name. I was gung ho OB/GYN, but I will not be going into it. The statistics from data that I've read say you have a 100 % chance of being sued right now. And with parents having the right to sue an OB til their child is 21, and hearing the experience of a very good OB I am friends with who was sued (wrongly) and then had to defend himself to the state medical board despite having no fault assigned in the end - awful. Also, I have not met an OB yet in person or any doctor for that matter that has suggested I go into OB. It is very difficult for a family life. I have done extensive research with people I know who are docs and reading, and while I'm sure there are success stories out there - I am not convinced it is worth the gamble for me and my family. It is not the right choice for us. I like many other things in medicine - so many other things that I feel more comfortable and happy making a less risky choice for myself and my family.

After much reflection, research and discussion with my husband and introspection within myself and interests - I will most likely be going Anesthesia or maybe Emergency Medicine. I am leaning Anesthesia right now, but I am not 100% yet. I am still really making sure I am making a wise choice. That's the real gift from God I think. I am blessed to love so much in medicine, and I also did well on boards, so I am trying to consider all my options within the things I enjoy.

Good luck with your decision.

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8 years 6 months ago #81210 by mamadoc11
Thank you so much for the reply. I did a lot of thinking over the weekend and discussed with my husband. I am deciding to apply to both internal medicine and OBGYN and make the final decison when it is time to rank. I know it will be more challenging applying and interviewing for two specialites but i think this buys me more time and seems to be the best option for now.
thanks :)

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8 years 6 months ago #81211 by bootlegger
I have been in the same boat. I really do LOVE Ob/Gyn. However, the litigation and lifestyle had me very scared. In contrast to what sothernmd said, both of the private docs that I rotated with were 10+ years out of residency and LOVED their jobs. Both told me to go into OB and both told me that lifestyle is negotiable as long as you are careful about what practice you join; ie a big practice = less call, doing an OB hospitalist position, part time etc. I was still up in the air and was strongly considering ER. So, this month I am rotating with an OB residency and I LOVE it. I will whole heartedly be going into OB/GYN. At this time I intend to either join a large practice or do an OB hospitalist position. I will NOT go private practice. Likewise, litigation sucks for sure. However, there are reforms that are coming down the pipeline including tort reform. In addition, OB is well known for their litigation but in reality litigation is a possibility and even likely in most areas of medicine these days. When I really thought about it I LOVE OB, it is where I feel like I belong. In the event that it sucks horribly I still have options like Gyn only or academic medicine. Goodluck with your decision. I couldn't bring myself to apply to two specialties.

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