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13 years 8 months ago #57537 by pschmom1
For all of you ladies that have chosen or are currently working in a specific feild, why? I will start! I love anything psychology. I love the whole philosophy of it and the research. I also, however, am almost obsessed with the brain and the mind/body relationship. I love all of the aspects of medicine, however, my passion as of now, lies with psychiatry! I am one of those "but why, what makes you do that" people. I don't want to only research abandoned abused children, I want to research the parents, and try to grasp how that inate love and bond can be broken and you can severly harm your child. A lot of my interests seem to lie in the forensic aspects, but hopefully throughout time, it will not just be forensics and an over all study of the mind and mental health. The reason that I long for psychiatry is "WHY" why so people do the things they do, "WHAT" provokes people to so the things they do "WHAT" has gone wrong with the brain chemistry to make people act the way they do? I am well aware that I will probably never find they answers to these complex and almost rhetorical questions, but I know that throughout my several years of psychiatry, I will see an abundant amount of break throughs. Psychiatry is in it's prime and it will continue to blow up and be recognised and appreciated by by physicians and peoples everywhere. I am proud and excited to know that one day I will have an impact in this :D

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