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Ped ER...what is the process to become one?

13 years 1 week ago #57558 by ktoldread
I know I want to go into Pediatrics even though I have yet to complete my pediatric rotation...I have always thought of primary care or developmental peds, but now (mostly for lifestyle) i am contemplating becoming a ped ER doctor...What is the process? Is it a ped residency and then an ER fellowship? or is it a separate ER residency? Any idea of good programs? Esp in NE (VT, ME)?

Thanks a bunch!!

Oh, and I am currently a third year (tech a fourth but took a year to be with my new daughter so am re-entering rotations at the end of November)...

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13 years 1 week ago #57559 by rina33
I'm thinking I'll ultimately do peds ER myself-- I'm an MS4, taking a year off to have a kiddo. You can do either a peds residency (3 years) and a peds EM fellowship (3 years), or an EM residency (3 or 4 years) plus a PEM fellowship (2 years). So it can be 1 year shorter doing EM first, and gives more flexibility to work in any ER but be the expert for kids, open a peds ER at a community hospital, etc. You are more marketable this way, I've been told. Also, for EM trained PEM docs, they may get paid 25-50,000 more a year than peds trained PEM docs... don't ask me why. Doing peds first means you work at a children's hospital ER most likely, since you can't see adults or work at a community, regular ER. This may limit you geographically, but is generally what people choose if they know they only want to see kids. Also, it is much more common to do peds first than EM first. I have yet to decide which route I'm taking. Feel free to reply or PM me with any more questions.

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13 years 6 days ago #57560 by mm's mom
Just wanted to add that I know many people now who have done a general peds residency followed by a EM residency - thus boarded in both EM and gereral peds. Gives you lots of practice options.

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