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Pediatric Cardiology?

13 years 7 months ago #57696 by Hermione
I'm going to have SUCH a hard time deciding when I get to medical school!

Thanks to all who are responding to my questions! You're wonderful!

This field seems pretty self explanatory, correct me if I'm wrong.

I just want any input you might have regarding it. Is anyone here in this field? What are the pros and cons?

I know it's unlikely for me to decide before I get to medical school exactly what it is that I'm going to want to do, but the more I think about it, the more I think I'd rather work with kids.

This might sound terrible, and maybe some of you are going to think that I don't deserve to be a doctor if I have this mentality....

...but people who GIVE themselves health conditions make me wonder if they DESERVE health care. You know what I'm talking about: the smokers, the ones that eat their way to obesity, etc. I just don't want to work with people like this. And obviously, this doesn't normally apply to kids.

Okay, sorry I went off on a tangent...any comments regarding pediatric cardiology would be appreciated!

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13 years 5 months ago #57697 by Gene Queen
To become a pediatric cardiologist, you do a peds residency first. Not sure exactly how it works in the States, but in Canada you do 3 years of pediatrics and then apply for fellowship in peds cardiology. I believe it is a 2 year fellowship.

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