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Shift work with kids?

13 years 7 months ago #57778 by rina33
I am strongly considering a career in emergency medicine, but am concerned how shift work and a rotating schedule will affect my life once I have kids. I will soon be applying for residency and plan to have my first baby likely during residency or right after. For those of you with kids already, how do you think shift work goes with family life? Does the flexibility and no call outweigh the irregular schedule?

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13 years 7 months ago #57779 by Mitch
I am not a physician myself (yet), but not only do some of my best friends work in ER as physicians, my husband is one too, and for many years I worked all sorts of rotating shifts as an ICU nurse, with kids.
It's very do-able, actually. You just need to have a plan in place for childcare; you either need to work opposite your husband (you'll spend less on childcare that way, and your child(ren) will always be with a parent), or you need a flexible caregiver, such as a nanny. Most of us use nannies now instead of daycare because of the need for flexibility.
Two of my friends specifically starting working in ER as docs when they had kids because of the "no call" issue.
Good luck! :wave:

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