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any view on PASS program mentioned by my deans

9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #75106 by dnaanr

my dean highly encouraged me to attend the PASS program to make sure that i pass and do well on Step II since Step I was subpar and academic record has been spotty. i have been very distracted by family issues. my dean has been understanding, but still warns me about the poor match placement if i don't do well on Step II.

does anyone have any views on the PASS program? i really dont want to plunk down a sizeable amount of money on a course in a location that i am not familiar. i prefer big cities. i rather study for step II in a place where i am supported and familiar environment.

ps-i prefer to make some decisions by the end of the month since the exams are coming up. this is not a solicitation from the company, but rather previous course goers and how it benefitted them. i think i just have bad focus and test anxieties during major exams.
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