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Pumping during interviews?

4 years 9 months ago #95573 by Hey Mom
Not sure if you're still looking for ideas on this, but here's one more tip: on the pumping to just prevent/relieve engorgement you can do a lot in about five minutes if you are creative. I haven't had to interview but I've had to take finals. Of course there is no pausing the test so I had to figure out how to get relief fast. I don't use a pump. I take my shirt all the way off in the bathroom and use both hands and express into cloth diapers strategically placed. I throw them back in the gallon size ziplock when I'm done and get back to my test. The first time I had to do this baby was 6 weeks old.

I recommend not trying this with paper towels if you can avoid it though. Wadded toilet tissue will suffice in a pinch. Rate of absorption is your limiting factor

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