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M2 ready for baby #2 . . . but when?!

4 years 8 months ago #95656 by MedStudentMama
Hey there MomMD readers!

I'm an M2, and we've just been assigned our rotation tracks system for M3 year, and even though everyone around me is excited about that, all I can think about is Baby #2. I'd love to get pregnant now -- but not if I can't work it out with rotations and continuing this journey of becoming a doctor. My little guy will be nine months this week (had him the summer between M1 and M2 year). He's just growing up so fast . . . And so, I'm wondering how other people have managed. My thoughts are to try getting pregnant at the start of third year with hopes of having a baby at the end of third year/early fourth year? That way I wouldn't be pregnant at residency interviews and, more importantly, might be able to arrange elective time around maternity leave (if any)! Does anyone know of med students who managed to build a maternity leave into M3/M4 year without having to take time off school? I know we've got tons of elective time 4th year and 1 month of elective time 3rd year. I have no clue which specialty I'll go into, though I'm leaning towards primary care.

Thank you all for serving an an inspiration to all of us med student mamas out there!

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2 years 3 months ago #140797 by Vanessa
Hi there,

I'm not sure if you still use this forum as your last post was 2 yrs ago but I read you post and have some questions about your experience. You mentioned you had your first baby in the summer b/w M1 and M2. I will be entering my first yr in the fall and want that to be my plan as well. I was wondering how your experience was? Did you find it overly challenging with balancing a 3-4 mo old and entering your second year? I would appreciate any advice you have.


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