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Books for clerkship and medschool in general...

13 years 5 days ago #24775 by madrenaline
Hey everyone,

I am a final year medical student. I was wondering which books to get for the clerkship(especially Medicine and Pediatrics)?

Also, Would you recommend Bates guide to physical examination as opposed to Swartz textbook of physical examination?

And will the pocket Bates do if I already have read other physical diagnosis books?

Lastly, are the used books good enough? I mean do you end up having complaints about them?

I ll be glad to have any suggestions,
Thanks a lot:)

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12 years 11 months ago #24776 by AnotherJen
I think that the best book by weight is Maxwell Quick Medical Reference (it's a small book with colored pages with all the info you need to write notes, including standard lab values, useful equations, etc.) You probably won't need to carry around any physical diagnosis books after the first week or so. Another little book that's a bit heavier but useful well into residency is the "Pocket Medicine: The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Internal Medicine."

I really like the Lange "Case Files" series as well as the "Pretest" series for rotations. Some people like "Step Up to Medicine," but it's pretty long and heavy. Many people also like the "Blueprints" series. For pediatrics, I think the pretest and case files books are very good -- and if you can get a copy of the Harriet Lane Handbook, you'll know more than the residents ; )

I swear by used books, but I don't know how easy it is to come by new-ish used books in India. Otherwise it gets very very expensive very fast.

Good luck!

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12 years 11 months ago #24777 by lori
I am not sure what you mean by "final year" med student (4th year?) If you are just beginning your rotations, Boards and Wards is perfect. Everyone at my school and the surrounding Philly med schools all had one in their pockets (quick and precise reads in almost all subjects and a great resource for quick Step 2 studying while sitting around on rotations). If you are referencing specifically 4th year IM and peds, Washington Manual is critical (will absolutely use it as a resident). If you are planning to do residency Family Medicine or peds, I'd highly recommend Harriet Lane for peds. If not, Pediatric Secrets is a pretty good book but the only problem is that it is a bigger soft cover that cannot be placed in your pocket. Hope this helps.

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12 years 11 months ago #24778 by madrenaline
AnotherJen and lori,

Thanks a lot!! It meant a lot to me... I checked the books both of you suggested at amazon and here's the stuff I bought;

1. Maxwell Pocket Reference.. (couldnt miss that one!!)
2. Step Up for step 1 (I have yet to give my boards)
3. Practical guide to the care of medical patient: Fred Ferri (To help in the wards)

I already have the Pretest series and I am looking forward to getting Boards and Wards:)

I would be glad if you could answer a few more of my questions; (since most of these books dont come that cheap, I am trying to buy only those books that I would actually end up reading)

1. Should I buy the Case Files series for clinical subjects (IM/FM) only or also for the non-clinical ones (Micro/Patho) too?

2. Does Harriet Lane help with the boards too?

3. Does MGH-PocketMedicine have a similar content and format as Washington Manual? If so, which one would you recommend as the better one?

Thanks for all the help! :)

PS.. I am in final year (4th yr) and I travel in and out of US, which is why I can order the books on amazon/half and collect them when I am there:)

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