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med married to med-when to have kids?

14 years 8 months ago #25168 by Emily2651

You need to move out of CA!

So, so true. Can't wait! It just depresses me to think that if I have a baby during medical school, and if I stay around here for residency (likely if possible - husband's career), almost my entire after-tax salary as a resident will pay for child care - for one child! GRRRRRR.

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14 years 8 months ago #25169 by coco
Is it possible for one of you to take a year off between graduation and residency. I waited until I finished residency to have my 1st baby and then I took some time off. I worked half time after my first was 6 months and again after my second was born. But it can be difficult to do that. The trouble is that your hours are so long during training that your baby is in day care for a lot of hours every day. It's a tough decision. I am now a stay at home grandmother at least for the next year because I resigned my directorship of a rad onc dept after 25 year and will go back to work after my grandaughter is 1 year. My daughter had to go back to work and I didn't want the baby in daycare at so young an age

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14 years 7 months ago #25170 by erin-the-red
I'm a 3rd year and my husband is a 4th year and we had our first baby the summer after my first year.

I think the first two years of medical school are the easiest... you can choose whether or not to go to class... study after the baby is asleep or while she naps.

Rotations aren't so bad either. You have the hard surgery months when you leave before baby is asleep and come home after she is tucked in... but there are other months where you don't go in until 9 and come home by 2... (er... at least for us it has been that way.) so far, our rotation schedules have been compatable enough that one of us can be "more" at home while the other one is working the crazy hours.

we're worried about residency... my husband will probably do FP and i'm researching the perils of OB/GYN. Residency is my husband and my topic of choice... we spend countless hours trying to imagine how it will affect us. i'm confident, though that it will all manage to work out in the end.

... erin

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