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1/2 way through 3rd year! Who knows what they want to be?

13 years 3 weeks ago #26028 by AnotherJen
I'm with you about the "Aha!" moment!...

I just decided not to "re-take" *$%^$ Step 1 tomorrow after 6 wks of studying for it. I had a flu-like illness for the first half of this week, and it totally threw me off. To make things worse, I took off my first block to study as I had organized a conference in May... and now I'm screwed.

I thought I'd love peds but I hated one of the hospitals I was stuck in. I loved IM despite preconceptions that I wouldn't. And that's all I've done so far. Psych starts Monday, and I'm looking forward to it, but I have to take Step 1 somewhere during psych, which takes all of the fun out of it. Surgery is after that, and I'm sort of dreading it because my anatomy knowledge is so poor... I'd wanted to be a surgeon because I'm good with my hands and worked in research w/ surgeons, but now I'm just scared. Oh well. And then I do OB when the rest of my colleagues are starting the first block of 4th yr...

I think everything suffered because although I'm smart, I've found it really hard to learn everything I need to and be a good mother. I've done what I can to be a good mother throughout, and that's left being a good med student with the short end of the stick, I guess...

Assuming I can make it through this year and pass Step 1, I'll be 36 when I graduate... then what? Child and adolescent psych? Surgical gyn-onc? Geriatrics? Psychiatric oncology? PM&R? dunno... for anyone interested in psych, check out www.PsychSIGN.org -- it's a newish group for med students interested in psychiatry.

There's a huge shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists out there, so if you dig it, go for it!

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13 years 2 weeks ago #26029 by efex101
Well although I did "consider" ob/gyn (what ever posessed me) due to the gyn and gyn surg, now after being in l&d, there is NO way! these are the most malignant people I have met. There is a lot of unprofessional behavior, horrible attitudes, and the list goes on. The malpractice is ALWAYS an issue and no matter what they are planning this comes up, "what if". No way I want to spend my life worrying about getting sued....so that boils down to FM or IM. Although I loved psych there is not enough to *do* procedure wise and I would miss that.

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