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Residency/ Rotations and pregnancy

12 years 9 months ago #27037 by JN819
I realize that this issue has been chewed over before, but i have different questions, which i dont seem to find an answer to.
I am a first year student and am married. My hubby and I are starting to talk about having children and when the "perfect" timing would be. My husband is a physician with 2 fairly new practices, in the states and I am away, taking the carib way (not by choice) through med school but will be back in the states for 3rd and 4th year.
My questions are related to getting a residency position. I understand that IMG, even born and bred US citizens like me, have last dibs as far as residencies go. But I was recently speaking to a friend who is a 2nd year resident, USMG, and she basically told me that being pregnant or having a baby at home, "won't fly with the PD". Can anyone comment on that? I am not looking to go into a very competitive field, maybe OBGYN, not sure yet. But I am concerned about facing discrimination once interview season rolls around.
Has anyone been faced with this?
Another friend of mine has suggested waiting until your first year of residency, and are in contract with the program.

Another concern I have, is being pregnant during rotations, will this effect my getting LOR's? Will
people be less inclined to giving me a LOR due to my "condition"?
I guess I wouldnt be as worried if I was in an US school.
thanks in advance for the replies ;)

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12 years 9 months ago #27038 by oneontheway

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and I did my interviews all in december when I was 20-25 weeks pregnant. To be honest, only the last program residents could tell that I was pregnant and none of the faculty that I interviewed with even brought the topic up...against Match codes. I am going into pediatrics and wanted a family friendly program anyway and when everyone found out my husband and I are expecting in april they were very excited and proceeded to tell us all the residents that have just had babies or will be having babies soon and how great the program is for time off. Being pregnant did not affect my interviewing at all and I am pretty sure I will get my firs choice...they are very highly recruiting me.

Also, as far as LOR go...we found out in july we were pregnant so by then I already had asked for my letters and they were in the process of being sent to the school so I can honestly say it didn't affect me but I wasn't pregnant then.

I think that you should do what you prefer and if a program doesn't like that you are pregnant, then it's not a program tha tyou want to work for if you have a little one at home...that's how I viewed it. Good luck and I hope everything works out!

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12 years 9 months ago #27039 by drpurple
From what I've heard, women get asked about pregnancy plans even if they're not married. I am and intend to have my first kid later intern year so, when I got the questions, I wasn't sure how or if to dodge them.
I thought that the "perfect" time to have had a kid would have been late March of 4th year. I'd have been done with rotations, even electives. If the baby came early, I could have done a light, more didactic elective, possibly with the baby in tow. But our main problem has been finances so we're holding off until we both have jobs. Other than the finance issue and the fact that nothing is "perfect", I can't really see a flaw in my unused plan.

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12 years 8 months ago #27040 by lbslater
I have a 8 month old baby and just went through interviews for a ob/gyn residency. I was completely open about everything. None of the programs seemed to have an issue with it. I was asked quite frequently how I plan on handling everything, but I just explained that I have a supportive husband and family. I was also asked who will watch my child. Meeting the residents tells you a lot of the dynamics of the program. When programs had residents who were married or had kids this was a sign that the program may be more accepting of this. I meet residents from other programs that were mostly single and talked about going out and drinking and partying and I knew I wouldn't fit in here. I am a US grad, but I have met plenty of grads from Ross on the interview trail. Smaller community programs seemed like a better fit for me, but apply to all types of programs and see for yourself.

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