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first year burnout

15 years 10 months ago #27605 by emomdoc
Just wondering if anyone else has found themself feeling burned-out already (halfway through year 1) because I am really struggling! I have been trying to reassure myself that this is normal, but after working so hard to get into medical school, I wasn't expecting to be so disillusioned so soon! I am passing all the classes, but not by much lately, and I am exhausted by trying to maintain some kind of balance between school and home. I thought I had found that by studying from home since required labs are over for a while, but now I feel isolated and lonely on top of overwhelmed!

I tried to plan for this, thinking that with my children a little older (7 - 18 yrs) it would be easier, but things never go as planned... my oldest is getting married next month, my youngest HATES her school, and the kids in the middle have sports, doctors appts, homework, etc. The list seems to go on and on. And, as all of you know, the pace of medical school doesn't allow for a whole lot of extra time to deal with all the family issues.

I guess I am looking for some encouragment from someone who's been in this type of rut -- or just some reassurance that I am not alone... the old "misery loves company" thing. Anybody?

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15 years 10 months ago #27606 by MelissaGray
I have definitely been overwhelmed at various times throughout this process. I found first year to be much more stressful than 2nd (so far). At my school, spring of MS-1 is the craziest courseload/testing schedule. Of course, that's different at each school. In addition, this year I feel like I'm better primed to absorb the information. I've been studing less and maintaining my grades.

Do you have any upperclassmen at your school that you could ask to get a feel of how the remaining years are?

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15 years 10 months ago #27607 by cdndr2b
also in 1st year, and was really feeling low and just like I had nothing left to give.
:tired: :goodvibes: :goodvibes: :goodvibes:
I skipped classes and went swimming with my daughter. It was only a half day, and the energy it gave me back!
Being alone doesn't help. Reach out to other students, share some laughs ... and we all thought the hard part was getting in.

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15 years 10 months ago #27608 by EM mom
I'm a resident now, but I remember clearly that 1st year "slump" right after the holidays, where I thought that just about anything would be preferable to returning to the grind of med school (and I didn't have children, and although at the time living with my now husband, wasn't even engaged yet so I had FAR LESS responsibilities!). Your feelings are totally normal!

The best advice I have is try to reconnect with your class...maybe go to one class a day or find someone that wants to study with you. My friends and I solved this problem by skipping one of our classes together and going to the gym at least 3 times a week (if only I could've kept THAT up! :D ). Find someone to talk to and at least you won't feel so isolated and overwhelmed!

Good luck, and feel free to look for support here or PM me anytime!

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15 years 10 months ago #27609 by shauna,MS,MomMD2B
wendim you are SO not alone! :tired:

Wow! I digress. :blush:
Sorry for going WAY off topic.

I think you're doing FANTASTIC being that you have a large family and you're passing through okay! Please don't stress by feeling that you should be doing MORE or BETTER than you already are! As long as the kids are still alive and sane, and you're passing through school - no problem! This med school (and residency) thing is only for a season! You'll survive it, and the kids will too, and everyone will be the better for it when all is done! :yes:

Hang in there girly! ;)
We're all in this together! :grouphug:


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15 years 10 months ago #27610 by emomdoc
Thank you all so much for your replies, I am only now realizing how much I have been feeling alone in all of this. I am going to try to get back down to campus once or twice a week, but does anyone else find it hard being older and having so little in common with everyone outside of the coursework? I've met only one other mother in my school, a year ahead of me, and only a handful of other "older" students, most of whom have switched to a part-time schedule. I sometimes leave feeling worse, like I should have been doing this thirteen years ago and I wouldn't struggle this way.

I am trying to remain confident that this will pass, and I am sure that I will have to accept the fact that I am never going to be able to do it all perfectly. Still, it is so hard to balance school and family that I hadn't even thought of trying to add any time for myself. I can just imagine the extra guilt... maybe that is part of the problem though.

All of you are wonderful for sharing your insight and experiences, and I appreciate any and all suggestions.

- Wendi

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