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getting tired-help!

16 years 11 months ago #27743 by sleighcastle
Hey... I'm never on this board, but I wanted to drop a quick reply to twinsmom..... I think I've talked to you before and that we're at the same school... If so, you're not the only mom in your class... Carrie's got a little guy who's around.... 5 months, I think. Just some comraderie for you. And I'm hanging around too.... I should figure out who you are. ;)

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16 years 11 months ago #27744 by momtwo
Hang in there...

I'm a 3rd year now, with 9 and 6 year old boys. 3rd year is harder in some ways-for me the hours are definately longer (for most rotations), and there's a little less flexibility. On the other hand, you are finally experiencing why you went to med school-it is infinately more gratifying to help deliver a baby, or care for a child, or work up chest pain. I've found here that attendings and residents are pretty cool about the fact that I have kids, and don't expect the kind of "I'll stay late to see the interesting cases" attitude that single students sometimes need to have to gain respect (though I haven't done surgery yet :p ).

One thing that has really helped my perspective is that I was a SAHM for 3 years-every time I wonder why the heck I'm doing this, and wish I could be at home, I remember how hard it was, especially for me. Some women have wonderful talents as SAHMs, others (like me) have talents that lie elsewhere-in my case in medicine. My children have great afterschool care, my husband is a big part of their lives (not true for many SAHM families I know), and they see my probably as much as they would if I were a lawyer or investment banker or sales rep (though with the skirts they wear-they'd see more of me ;) ).

Sorry this has gotten long, but one last thing...I also feel very disconnected with my peers, and I have since I had my kids way before any of my friends did (25-practically a teen mom in my peer group!). While I stayed at home, they worked and wondered how I could give up my career. Now they stay at home and wonder how I could leave my kids to work. Sigh. But they are also usually impressed by the fact that I'm doing it all, and look reasonably calm (on the outside, at least) doing it. We have good friends that we see fairly often. I wish there were some other people in my boat, but there aren't here, and I try to keep the doctor jargon to a minimum. The added benefit is that I can escape the medical scene, which is really helpful.

Good luck!

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