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Need help dealing with "sub standard" performance

13 years 11 months ago #28033 by PhD2MD
Feeling your pain ladies...

Just didn't do as well on micro as I would have liked, despite loving the material and studying like a mad woman, for me anyways. Can't help but resent all these kids who live med school, it is their entire life, or the ones who did all of these courses in their undergrads and this is all review. I'm still in PhD land, still doing my volunteer clinical biomechanics stuff, planning a wedding, working on a house, trying to have a relationship with my spouse, have a new puppy to train, and still managing family and in-laws. Personally, I would like to nominate myself for a super-hero award... but I don't think I'd get one with my middle of the road med school grades. But then again, how many people in my class are doing what I'm doing?

What keeps me sane? Clinical skills, when I'm not crying in frustration at how blessed and ignorant some people are, we've been talking about poverty and health determinants lately. Don't get me started on how priviledged most medical students are. Jepers it seems like 1/2 my class are fresh out of undergrad and still live at home! They don't even know how much to budged for a month because they haven't ever had to pay a bill!! A few hours of that and I realize that it isn't the biochem grade that they or I got, but whether or not they can piece together the whole picture and treat the patient and not the disease. Sadly, I'm dreading the day they fall flat on their face, and can't blame and SP for their ****ty performance, because the SP will be a real patient.

back to pathology.

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13 years 11 months ago #28034 by PhD2MD
One more thing...
below average... assuming a normal distribution ( yes I know this is probably not the case)... but that means if you're below average then you're in good company with about half of the class!!!
Doesn't feel so bad then does it!

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13 years 10 months ago #28035 by gyngirl
Hi there,

I had a rough time of it my first semester of med school, receiving the lowest grades of my med school career. I am now a 4th year. I was able to substantially improve my grades after that, but that first semester prevented me from ever being AOA (to say the least). Everyone told me "your preclinical grades don't matter that much" and I didn't believe them. But now that I've gone through the interview process, I can reassure you that they really don't matter that much.

Step I does seem to matter, however. So my advice to you would be to try your hardest but don't think you've completely ruined your chances of the residency of your choice. And then really try to do well on Step I.

Also, in none of my interviews did anyone mention my first and second year grades. One classmate had all A's her first year and then her grades sunk second year. She has had program directors ask about this in interviews. So if anything, an improvement can help you and is better in the long run than a strong start and then plummet in academice performance.

Hang in there! It gets much better. And then 4th year is the best.

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