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Lack of DO schools

9 years 9 months ago #73164 by Sleepless in Dekalb
Hi Ladies,
So when I knew I was going to go pre-med, I always assumed that it would be Med School I would be going to. Well, as I am researching more, I am finding that gong to DO school may follow my medical practice vision more. The only problem is that there seem to be so few accredited DO schools vs MD schools. Am I the only one frustrated by this and having problems planning my future as a result? Are there DO schools within universities like medical schools and I am just not seeing them? I guess I am also miffed that there has to even be two schools of training to become a doctor. I would think that the best possible physician would be the most well rounded, thus not seeing the need for these two paths of training. Thoughts or tips anyone?

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9 years 8 months ago #73262 by Cabinbuilder
I think there is close to 26 DO schools now. Isn't that enough? Just the cost to apply to all of those is horrendous. Not sure how many you are looking for? I think most are their own entities. Here is the link to the map. There are plenty of schools to choose from. Not sure where your frustration stems from.


There have been two factions in the United States since 1892, you are not going to change that.

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