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8 years 3 weeks ago #82660 by annie
Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all well. I have been taking a break from this forum because I had talked myself back into nursing school with the hope that being an NP would get me to my goals by a "more sensible" path .i.e. a path slightly better suited to a single mother of pre-k twins who is approaching mid-30's.
BUT....i just started having my usual freak out about pursuing a path that isn't maybe 100% what I am looking for but is achievable versus pushing for "the dream goal" even though it might be too overwhelming, end with defeat etc.
I am soooo tired of having this internal conversation with myself. Does anyone else go back and forth constantly? Both paths seem valid for different reasons, it isn't as though I vacillate between law and medicine, that on any given day I can convincingly talk myself into one or the other. I have friends and a pre-med advisor who support me and absolutely think that I would be a great doctor, my grades are good enough etc., and an ex-husband and parents who seem fearful for me, that I should do what is sensible, makes money soonest etc. Of course, those latter voices both fuel my doubts and bring out the child in me who says "f*(k you guys, I can totally do this!"
Urgh. I get really frustrated with the back and forth. If I could get to NP before it becomes DNP then I think I would feel slightly less conflicted but that isn't going to happen. If I didn't have kids then the whole thing would have been completed by now because I had to withdraw from a BSN to have them. However, I had this conflict for many years prior to becoming a mother so there is some history here!
Any input greatly appreciated!

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8 years 3 weeks ago #82684 by G Bradley
honestly, as much I as I think there is something to be said for being cautious and prudent (especially once you're a mommy and needing to think about very important little people's lives and well being) I think you should GO FOR IT. Become a Doctor if that's where your heart is at. Your kiddos and your family will be better off if you're 100% fufilled and happy.

I have had the exact same back and forth and internal battle. I got in to a BSN program in the SUPER competitive NW region in a nationally top ranked program...and I gave up my spot...cause it was gonna take longer to get me on the path to being and MD. I thought about going Nurse Practitioner route but, like you, I know I would more than likely be stuck having to do a DNP since the days of two year NP programs are gone (as far as I know those remaining are far and few between and about to be eliminated) *and if I am going to go to school for an additional 4 years, why WOULDN'T I just do it?* I did an excel spreadsheet with costs of DNP programs, costs of Med School and average salaries for each and, in the long run, (of course depending on speciality, region and organization) MD or DO is a better investment. It'll take you longer perhaps, but not much longer right? Again, DNP programs are 3-4 yrs? I think Med School is worth it. Maybe I am biased because this is the choice I've made for myself, but I hope my opinion and support helps. In the end, of course, only you really know what is right for you and your family.


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7 years 9 months ago #84117 by lynee
My second year out of undergrad I started a post-bach program to complete the requirements for medical school. For about two months during that year I struggled with the decision to simply pursue a PA degree (the pre-reqs are different, and the schooling is shorter). It was a stressful and difficult time.

I ultimately decided to purse an MD. I can same with certainly (after being in medical school for 3 years) that I made the right decision.

What it comes down to is really knowing yourself. I would not have been satisfied with the lack of autonomy as a PA. That is my personality (call it a weakness :O)). I also knew what I wanted for myself as a mother (stay-at-home versus work full-time), which really helped make the decision for me.

Take some time and write the pros and cons. Medical school is doable with a family if you do it right. If not, NPs are awesome (or law, or whatever you decide).

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7 years 8 months ago #84162 by indecisive
I completely understand being tired of this internal conversation over what path to choose. I have been in the same situation for over a year now, and I also agree with GBradley that at some point you have to just jump into it. In my case, I have been accepted to both med school and to accelerated NP programs (these are either 2 or 3 years). The 2 year program isn't really a good fit for me, but the 3 year programs are and I am drawn to them because the seem a little more family friendly up front (one major factor in this decision for me is that I want to have children in the next 3-5 years and I want to be able to take lots of time off/work part time for them) because they are only 3 years; but on the other hand med school is only 1 year longer and in the long run it woudl be more feasible for me to work permantly part time and still earn a high enough income to support a family. In the short term, it will be more intense while in med school and I would not look forward to residency, esp in my early 30s.

I was on the med school path before I sidetracked and thought of something shorter, and its been really hard for me to close the door on it. I've done the pros/cons lists many times, and even though med school always looses out there is still this piece of me that can't let it go. I think part of that is the cost of training vs. salary, which is much more favorable as a doc bc the NP programs aren't much cheaper, and another big part is not wanting to regret choosing the "easier" path.

Good luck with your decision!

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