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4 years 3 months ago #95759 by CL.MD
Hey Ladies,

After reading all the positive & informative feedback from everyone on other threads, I decided to post my dilemma.

I am the first in my family to ever set foot in college, so I really have no academic role models. Everyday of my college career, I had my parents grilling me on as why I didn't just drop out and work like them. They still do this until this day. So unfortunately, I cannot ask them for advice.

I graduated with a 3.7 GPA, degree in Health Science and minor in Biology. I am currently finishing my physics and o-chem 2 prereqs because during undergrad I made a D in Phys, but now I am on track for an A. Also during my undergrad career I worked three jobs, was heavily involved in extracurricular activities throughout my community, held leadership roles at school, and received 1st authorship publication on a melanoma research study. I worked for MD Anderson (which is one of the leading hospitals in cancer research), and was able to shadow with many brilliant physicians in a total of 8 different specialities (around 300 shadowing hours). I know I have the commitment, passion, communication skills, and empathy to be an amazing physician. BUT...I blew my MCAT. My score was so low that I can only apply to Caribbean Schools.

I attended a webinar for AUA in in the Caribbean, and I was pretty impressed with what they had to say and their USMLE pass rates as well as residency match rates. Based on their admission stats, I know I can get in. Thoughts?
My dilemma lies with if I should wait to retake the MCAT, at the chance to apply for Fall 2017 (I will be 28 by the time I get in), in hopes that I can get into a US Med School or should I stick with attending AUA? I've also been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 6 years and we do want to get married and have children. But with this schedule, when is the time right?!
He is supportive of my decision and would move with me to the Caribbean but it would definitely be such a huge change of lifestyle living there. :huh:

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4 years 3 months ago #95761 by niash
Do not do it, retake mcat and work on improving your scores if u really want to become a doctor. My two cents.

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4 years 3 months ago #95778 by carolink

Your story is pretty similar to mine. I was the first one to get through college and now I am the first and only doctor in my family (I have like 30 cousins) I took the MCAT during my last yr of college and didn't do so well, I applied to med school and didn't get accepted. Around that time I had several friends doing the same thing, one decided to become PA instead, the other one went to Ross for one semester and quit, the other one went to Ross and got through it. My parents saw that my friend that went to the Caribbean was doing well and they were asking me why not? I just had a feeling that it wasn't for me, I was also on a relationship wanting to get married. I decided to grab a job at a research lab, squeezed two mission trips to fluff up my CV. I ended up taking the MCAT 2 more times, applied to med school for a total of 3 cycles (that's three years) and I finally got accepted to a US med school. I am a Christian and I feel that my prayers were heard. I started med school at age 25 turned 26 during first year. The boyfriend broke up with me as soon as I moved. When I look back I am glad I persevered. My plan was to do peds residency, in my head I was like "I like kids so I can be a pediatrician" during my third year rotation I realized that peds was not for me (I found myself crying almost every day after seeing so many sick kids) then I fell in love with something really really competitive, I know that people that go to Caribbean schools get good education and their board scores are very good (My friend from Ross was like in the 97 percentile for her step 1) but somehow they still struggle to get into competitive fields, if I would have attended any of the Caribbean schools I was going to struggle getting into the competitive field that I choose. I also found a hubby in meds school, we are both interns and getting through it one day at a time. I am 29 now and I don't regret waiting 3 yrs.

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