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Motivated and yet still scared... RN to MD

4 years 1 week ago #95906 by Anm1012
Hello all
I know there are plenty of posts written by RNs asking advice about eventually becoming an MD and I'm one of them.

I am hoping that someone can explain how discerning medical / DO school admissions committees are, and how potentially judgmental or accepting they will be towards non-traditional applicants.

I am currently a BSN working at a top hospital in New York and was thrilled to begin my journey to medical school this past semester by starting out by re-taking Chemistry II (last time I took Chemistry was in 2008 in undergrad) in order to prepare for a year of Orgo this fall. However, I didn't do so great due to unexpected job and life events that took time away from getting a solid A in chemistry. Now I am terrified I have ruined my chances forever!!

If I totally rock Orgo, Physics and the MCATs over the next few years, and provide a stellar resume as a hard-working, experienced and motivated RN who truly wants to be a Physician, would Medical / DO schools possibly understand that my first semester back to school was a little rocky, and still see me as a good, smart, motivated, passionate med school candidate? Or will this low grade hold me back from my dreams of working in medicine forever?

I have extremely high expectations for myself, as well as a realistic perception of just how intense and harrowing it is to apply to medical schools. I don't expect anything to be easy and I am just looking for the right way to navigate this path to my future career. Help please!!
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4 years 1 week ago #95907 by Elisa Matthews
I don't want to be discouraging, but you might want to re-think switching from nursing to medicine. You have a career but if you hate it--you might not like medicine any more. Your regular life interfered with getting an A in chemistry. If your regular life interferes with medical school or residency, no slack is cut. Although things are supposed to be easier these days, i tend to doubt it. Medicine is an age-old "boys club"--and pretty hard on women--especially if the woman has any "non-traditional" aspects to her life--say like babies and husband. The guys can have wives and children--but the wives keep the children out of sight--not disturbing the great man's work. And you know he isn't pumping his breasts and storing milk bottles in the ward refrigerator.
It is just a lot of hard work and stress--you have to be pretty sure you want that.
I should say that I had an extremely difficult time in med school due to 2 episodes of sexual harassment. I was also dirt poor and couldn't get loans.
Apply to non-traditional schools--University of Cincinnati (where I did my residency) is great for the non-traditional student. This also may be true of the University of Dayton. Unless it has changed utterly--stay away from the University of Colorado where I went to med school. They have had several shake-ups plus sensitivity teaching (at least once), so maybe they have changed--though I doubt it.
One great thing is there is no more overnight call in most places. Think it over carefully and if you still want to do it--go for it. The patients are mostly great!

After30 years in private practice, I want to do something non-clinical. Teaching is fine. Writing is great--I have an MFA in English Literature & Creative Writing from Bennington College. I'm looking for ideas!
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